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At least the boards were set up correctly.

It was also nice to see the detail on at least one of the sets; they showed Knight with bridle and/or reins in detail. I've never seen that on a wooden Knight before, though I have seen individual teeth and (horse) hairs on some Knights. Nice touch.

The show mixes up different times, sometimes in a jarring sort of way, that is historically very inaccurate. Probably most of the viewing audience loves the sticky treacle that passes for drama in this show, and could care less for the egregious errors. For example, there are no chess clocks in the tournament (the show is set "around the turn of the century") but by 1900 the analog push button chess clock had been perfected by Verenhoff of Groningen. Any top European chess players would have known this and insisted on proper time controls.

I guess Constable Crabtree had to be able to waste time for dramatic effect. So no chess clocks.

Another inaccuracy, more political, was the Yorkshire-raised Police Inspector Brackenreid and his derisive use of the term "Bolshevik". English-speaking policemen wouldn't have been able to distinguish a Bolshevik from a Menshevik, nor would they care about such things, until after the Russian Revolution of 1917 and well into the civil war in which troops from the British Empire in the North Russia Expeditionary Force invaded that country. This didn't happen until 1918-1920, or thereabouts, which is well after the "turn of the century". There simply was no such thing as Bolsheviks before 1903 and none of the characters would care, in any case, until after 1917. Never miss a chance to denounce subversives, I guess.

I saw no Canadian chess credits whatsoever. Considering how many famous people - including former PM Stephen Harper - have appeared on this show, you think the dolts at Murdoch Mysteries would make it their business to get all the chess details just right ... and maybe even have a cameo by some (perhaps aging) Canadian chess star.

Nope. Well, at least they got the right-hand corners all light-coloured squares.

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was a little incoherent, but there were two dead in this episode, I think. However, since one of them was a Russian, no one was charged.

All Russians are villains, right?
There was a Russian player killed by a Polish, and a Polish player killed by a Russian. A Polish mentioned Bolshevik, maybe the term known by 1905? The show has been moving into the 20th Century.

Although events like the British Championship had clocks, I haven't seen any reference to them in Canada until the 1920 Dominion Championship. I like your idea of a real Canadian chess player cameo. No mention of real players like Lasker or Marshall. Perhaps this fictional tournament was just a warm-up exhibition on the way to a New York international? There would have been German players, too; Mieses came to Toronto in 1908. Toronto was 7% Jewish (some families escaping pograms), so could be some players/murderers from that immigrant population. The biggest thing missing wasn't clocks, but smoking.