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    As mentioned in other threads, the Toronto Dragons are a team of mostly Canadian masters competing in IM Greg Shahade's PRO Chess League from January to March this year. Our line up includes GM Bator Sambuev, Canadian Youth team coach GM Gergely-Andras-Gyula Szabo, Canada's youngest GM Razvan Preotu, IM Nikolay Noritsyn, GM Thomas Roussel-Roozmon, IM Michael Song, IM Bindi Cheng, IM Kaiqi Yang, IM Raja Panjwani, FM Shiyam Thavandiran and assistant manager IM Arthur Calugar. We are competing against teams representing cities from around the world such as the Norway Gnomes (Magnus Carlsen), Montreal Chessbrahs (Fabiano Caruana) and St. Louis Arch Bishops (Wesley So).

    This Saturday February 11th at 2:55 p.m. EST 11:55 a.m. Pacific, we are playing against one of the strongest teams in the League, the London Towers. The Towers lead the League in the number of game points they've scored, while Toronto sits a bit further back in fourth place. Gawain Jones is most famous for his repertoire books on the Sicilian Dragon, while Ameet Ghasi won the 2015 British Rapid Championship.

    Many of the players on our team have a very sharp style, so it is not uncommon for our games to end with a mating attack.

    You can watch the games live by signing into, going to Live Chess, and typing in for example

    /follow likemachine

    (Bator Sambuev) into the chat window. The pairings for our match are as follows. The first named player has White. In brackets is the player's handle.

    Round 1
    IM Thomas Rendle (Trendle) vs. GM Bator Sambuev (likemachine)
    IM Peter Roberson (Squirlolz) vs. GM Razvan Preotu (attack2mateU)
    IM Nikolay Noritsyn (Revnov) vs. IM Ameet Ghasi (ameetghasi100)
    IM Bindi Cheng (Bobbylow) vs. GM Gawain Jones (VerdeNotte)

    Round 2
    Bator Sambuev vs. Peter Roberson
    Razvan Preotu vs. Thomas Rendle
    Gawain Jones vs. Nikolay Noritsyn
    Ameet Ghasi vs. Bindi Cheng

    Round 3
    Bator Sambuev vs. Ameet Ghasi
    Razvan Preotu vs. Gawain Jones
    IM Simon Ansell (siansell) vs. Nikolay Noritsyn
    GM Keith Arkell (keitharkell) vs. Bindi Cheng

    Round 4
    Gawain Jones vs. Bator Sambuev
    Ameet Ghasi vs. Razvan Preotu
    Nikolay Noritsyn vs. Keith Arkell
    Bindi Cheng vs. Simon Ansell

    This week, Montreal is facing off against Norway with Caruana and Carlsen making their first appearance on top board for their respective teams.

    Come join us in the game chat, and cheer on our players!
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