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In top international chess competitions top players also represent their country, as the flag is right there, under their name. How they behave reflects on the country as well. This World Cup not being a tournament in a sunny resort, I expect players to show respect to their hosts, FIDE, their opponents, and their country.
Sorry, but I can not approve Anton's behavior. The way he dressed not only violated the dress code, but also showed some disregard to all of the above. If all the others can dress appropriately, why he can not? There are dress codes in other sports, most notably in tennis. Nobody breaks them without risking heavy fines and exclusion from tournaments.
If Zurab also broke the code of conduct he should be fined. His language and attitude are unacceptable.
The dress code specifically allows bermuda shorts so that is not the issue. What is shocking is the display of bigotry and prejudice which appears to be tolerated by FIDE. Clearly this was intended to upset Anton's composure before an important game.