From finance file:

What is "Adjustment to deferred revenue" in Membership revenue?

Magazine - is only 8 k in 2017 year vs 15 k in 2016. What is it deliberately not produced to save monies and be in black?

2019 Open bid
Looks interesting from tourism point but lack details on chess side:

Schedule for Open (9 rounds) and CYCC (7 rounds)? Rounds during day time or in evening? Any double round days?
Sections in Open (4) - how split? CYCC only 6? No girls anymore?
Time control 40/90+SD/30 + 30 s inc - better to remove 40 moves and use like 120 min + 30 sec. The organizer will not provide equipment 100% thus there will be mix of clocks, settings will be not properly supervised if players will bring own; some clocks will be banged several time back and forth, and move counter not corrected.
While tie breaks might be not used in Open; they are critical in CYCC. What kind?
Prize fund - only in the budget without splitting in sections.

It is not clear how many players they expect creating a budget.