I see on the CFC meeting board that this item has been posted. Since I can not post there, I hope someone in the know can post here.

The event comes to Canada once every 3 years. I have heard that FIDE America wants $20 U.S. per player as a fee for the privilege of organizing the event. The Chess'n Math Association (CMA) organised the first ever NAYCC in Canada. It was held in Montreal in 2010....we were celebrating our 25th anniversary and we had a great time!

We (the awesome Francis Rodrigues for CMA!) then organized the 2013 in Toronto, to celebrate our 20 years of operation in that city. Francis changed the format to allow for titles and he drew the largest crowd ever to the NAYCC!

In 2016, CMA was given the opportunity to organize the event but we had difficulty finding a site in Montreal or Toronto at a reasonable rate. We finally came up with a site in Kingston, Ontario which was more than perfect, but by then, Windsor had put together a trifecta (CYCC, CCO and NAYCC) which was an all or nothing bid. They did a great job!

So now we are looking at 2019. The Chess'n Math Association is interested, but not at any price. Is it possible to know more about what is required?


Larry Bevand
Executive Director
Chess'n Math Association