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Thread: Question - Invitation letter to a foreigner for visa purpose

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roger Patterson View Post
    our policy is not to issue these letters unless the person is known to us. Largely a waste of time.
    I (2016 Canadian Open organizer) and the 2017 Canadian Open organizers did this for Alexander Cherniaev who is a grandmaster from Moscow. This was the only person who I did this for. It was not necessary for ETA countries or the U.S.A. where our other players came from. It turned out quite well for us as he also became a coach for us at WYCC/WCCC when only one lower rated Canadian who was qualified applied. We are at a point where most of the kids going even in the younger groups are rated 2000 and above. Having a Russian speaking coach and a senior FIDE trainer was a real benefit particularly for the tournament in Russia.

    I would say that 90% of the people applying for these letters don't really plan on attending and for them a generic FIDE style letter is sufficient. If they are non-titled players I would also insist on a paid entry before entertaining requests for such letters.
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