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I was surprised by how clearly Kirsan's interview makes it that he blames Zurab for the incident. Let's hope he doesn't change his mind.

The interview Larry quotes is from Russia Today:

If you put it in google translate, you get "Kovalev" as the transliteration from Cyrilic, which is fine, as Patrick K said.

As many people have noted, the FIDE dress code is vague. It does not specify business suits, as KI implies, but it does not explicitly allow Bermuda shorts. As Vlad said, that was a 2013 proposal to make the FIDE dress code less vague, but it was not officially adopted.

FIDE's dress code needs fixing. It is currently so vague that it gives Zurabs the freedom to apply it against some players while not applying it to others. For example, are Kovalyov's Bermuda shorts less "dignified" than the T-shirts many of the other players wear at the 2017 World Cup? I don't think so, but it that's the case Zurab wants to make... (despite wearing Bermuda shorts onsite a day or two before berating Anton). A second example: the FIDE dress code explicitly forbids greasy hair, but Grischuk has never been reprimanded in any FIDE event for this AFAIK. Imagine if a few minutes before a knock-out game an Arbiter told Grischuk to go back to his hotel room and wash his hair?

The issue isn't shorts or dress code. The issue is that an Arbiter and the always-belligerent Organizer disturbed and insulted a player a few minutes before his game.

An unquestioned assumption
I believe we have been assuming that had Anton shown up for round 3 wearing a suit that nothing would have happened. But this assumption gives Zurab more credit than his history deserves.

Zurab claims that Anton's attire damages the World Cup and makes it harder to get sponsors. http://tbilisi2017.fide.com/2017/09/...lis-statement/

But Zurab himself was dressed in Bermuda shorts on site during the World Cup.
pix and video link here: http://chess.ca/newsfeed/node/1001

I see three possible causes for this kind of blatant self-contradiction:
  1. Zurab is too stupid to see it. (possible)
  2. Zurab sees it, but doesn't care. (very possible)
  3. picking on Anton's attire was just a pretext for disturbing him before the game. (also possible)

I see no reason in Zurab's history, including this past week, to be confident that #3 is not true.
Hi John,

Lets not presuppose that FIDE is going to do the wrong thing here. Every indication at the moment is that they will do the right thing and take actions that will prevent this from happening again to someone else. Let us refrain from FIDE bashing here and on the CFC newsfeed at least until they do the wrong thing in response to this situation. Every feedback that we have been given from the FIDE office, from Kirsan and from other FIDE officials beyond Zurab A. is that they understand the gravity of what happened and would like to see this made right.

We passed an important milestone a few hours ago in that Anton gave us permission to launch an appeal and a complaint on his behalf. We have started that process. I have talked to a national and an international journalist at length about this situation and we will continue to press for Anton both in the press and within FIDE. Let us refrain as persons affiliated with the CFC from bashing FIDE unnecessarily especially given that they are reading this and this can negatively impact the resolution of this case. As someone said in this case we are willing to burn all of our political capital to effect some measure of justice here but behaving stupidly will not achieve the outcome we want which is to have Anton rejoin us as our flag bearer in FIDE competitions.