Thank you for supporting the cause of a future IM norm tournament in Montreal. Our Invitation field is now complete.

We have two updates about the tournament.

1) The Open section will now be rated with FIDE, CFC and FQE!
2) The deadline for the early registration rebate has been postponed to December 15th 2017

English poster:
Register online:
Facebook event:

Preregistered (December 6th 2017)


FM Zong Yang Yu (2392)
FM Khrisna GV Sai (2370)
FM Olivier Kenta Chiku-Ratté (2310)
FM Richard Chen (2309)
CM Rohan Talukdar (2265)
CM Eugene Hua (2260)
FM Mike Ivanov (2248)
FM Shawn Rodrigue-Lemieux (2137)


Charaf Bassel (2124)
Tyler Tanaka (2080)
Zachary Saine (1986)
Philippe Lesage (1768)
Zi Yu Guan (1624)


Gabriel Wong-Lapierre (1522)
Simon Larivière (1399)
Anthony Navala (1387)
Andy Vo (1366)
Denis Pilon (1356)
Gaspard Tanguay-Labrosse (1291)
François Bégin (1259)


Benjamin Roy (1174)
Peter Vo (1155)
Édouard Fernandez-Busto (1115)
Nicolas Lim (1110)
Sacha Ramamonjisoa (992)
Nikita Ramomonjisoa (954)
David Du (892)
Antoine Roy (S/C)
Lucy Wang (S/C)
Barron Jiang (S/C)
Hugues Parent (S/C)