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Can I try some simple economics:

Common-Enough Registration Fee - $ 60

Average Canadian Tournament Field - 60 registrants (Let's assume 40% are responding to and following announcements on CT - Is this accurate?)

Total Gate from CT - $ 1, 440 ($ 60 x 24)

Prizes and Expenses (Not Including CT Advertising) - 90% of Gate (Organizers - would this be in the ballpark?). So Profit on CT Ad = $ 144

Net After CT Ad Cost - $ 124 ($ 144 - $ 20)

IF the above projections are correct, is this not a financially worthwhile effort on CT??

My point is that the original statement is "one extra entry pays for the fee". In your example, 90% of every entry fee is going to prizes and expenses, so if the CT ad creates one more $60 entry, it generates $6 in revenue for the event, thus costing you $14.