Hello all, and Happy New Year of 2018!


A new policy was recently announced, and is now in progress:

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Chess'n Math will be charging organizers of chess events $20 (tax included) per event to advertise on this site or they can purchase a 2018 subscription for $100 (tax included) which allows them to advertise as many events as they wish in 2018.

They must also post the results here.

Please contact me in order to make your payment. bevand at chess-math dot org

Larry Bevand


Hart House will not be advertising its events at Chesstalk in 2018, should this new policy continue. Chess players should expect Hart House to continue hosting its two regular, open to the community tournaments, in February and December. We welcome you to visit our website and facebook group.


It's not about the money. $20 is peanuts for the Hart House Chess Club, and those $20 would certainly be paid for in revenue from entries of players who signed up by having seen the Chesstalk post.
In 2018, it will be $20. But why stop there? Hart House and any organizer able to field 150+ players can afford $50 or $100 and it still be a profitable investment. Eventually the question will be: "What will the market bear?" -- And that will be your fee in the year 2020 or 2025.

We at Hart House clearly do not have a good mind for business, because:
- we charge among the lowest entry fees, yet return among the highest percentage of entries in prizes (70%), across the GTA region and SouthWestern Ontario.
- we purchase not only "Chess n Math" carbon copy scoresheets, but also board mats, providing someone else with free publicity.
- when people ask us where to buy chess stuff, we send them over to Strategy Games instead of the Internet.
- we have welcomed retailers and new business initiatives, including Strategy Games / Chess'n' Math on plenty occasions in the past, to come sell at our tournaments, free of charge or commission.

This new policy appears to be a mercantile tactic by a forum that holds a monopoly in advertising in Canadian Chess.
The bigger detriment will come to a new organizer trying to start a chess initiative, where an advertising fee may be significant.
It seems to me that this will take out even more chess out of chess-talk. If anything, it's insulting to be charging those promoting chess.
Meanwhile... anyone else can join the forum, some of them likely under a phony pseudonym, and discuss Trump and climate change, for free.

Alex Ferreira
Hart House Chess Club