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    Just to further the conversation it's crazy interesting how within the history of art there's been so many many different (strangely chronologically making sense, like a family tree) manifestos yet in each 'branch' the game of chess has been used as a means to deliver their respective manifesto.

    Ono (member of Fluxus) chess board (with some inspiration coming from Lennon I guess who knows)

    I've tried but have never been able to fully appreciate the Surrealists manifesto. Dali is still one of my fav artists tho. His depiction of of Christ on the Cross done for the prisoners at Rikers Island is epic. To my (over active) mind he seems to use a splatter technique which as far as I know dates back to Japan's Momoyama period!

    I wonder why chess has been reinterpreted in so many many different and unique ways ...including variant chess?

    As president of the CFC I would commission a chess set carved by some Inuit artist with the piece depicting elements of their own natural hunter way of life. Pawns as seals, rooks as igloos ... that sort of thing.

    I'm beginning to ramble.
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