Thanks to all who have commented and made your views known.

We will take into consideration of all the views ( good and bad ) and make the next tournament an even bigger and better one.

No tournaments are perfect in this world unless they have very good sponsorship $$$.

If you expect lower entry fee, expect lower pay outs. If you expect good pay out, please expect to pay slightly more for the entry fees.

Please understand that EMC is trying to make the chess scene in Canada a better one. We have achieved many of our objectives and we are very happy on this point.

We have received very encouraging feedback/comments from players and parents and this is what makes want to make it a better one the next time.

There is so much to learn as we keep moving forward. We exist to elevate your chess experience - that's why we are called Elevate My Chess Canada. Remember also - we are not a charity organization but a profit organization who has to make viable financial decisions.

We also always encourage other organizers to hold bigger tournaments as well for the good of Chess in Canada.

Thanks so much again for your participations.

Stay tuned for our next big one - weekend tournament.....

Cheers for Chess in Canada

Gary Hua