I'm not sure if others have noticed, but threads are not moving to the top of the newsfeed when commented on. I was waiting for news regarding Hal's tournament in a couple of weeks, but the thread showed no indication of having been updated on the newsfeed. It was only upon clicking the thread near the bottom of the page that I discovered Hal had indeed posted yesterday, confirming the venue of the event. I replied to his post, but on the newsfeed it still shows his thread on the bottom of the page, claiming that the latest post was made days prior.

Perhaps this is a technical error resulting from the latest maintenance done on the site? Or was this done intentionally to prevent threads from being bumped? I can hardly see the latter being the case.

If organizers are paying to have their tournaments advertised, it is only just that they receive their fair share of publicity, and currently this does not seem possible. Someone enlighten me!