A few about which I would like to find more information. Can anyone help?

Club D'Échecs International du Canada/International Chess Club of Canada
I have 2 issues dated March & April 1983. The director was Serge Lacroix. Did this publication end here? It might also be interesting to our Canadian Chess Historians what this club was and what became of it.

Échecs Montréal which was a publication of "La Ligue d'échecs de Montréal." Volume 1, # 1, was published/dated Autumn/Winter, 1976. I have no further issues. Larry Bevand was the 1st in a list of 5 editors. Were further issues published?

Bulletin d'information Échecs Montréal
. This also states that it is a publication of "La Ligue d'échecs de Montréal." Volume 1, # 1, was published early (undated) in 1982 with the editors being Christian Fournier and Michel Douville. It ran until volume 2, # 4 (11 issues) and then a loose issue at the end labeled volume 1, # 3, but with information that would fit around the time for a volume 2, # 5 issue. Were further issues published?

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The 1st issue I have is dated 09/21/1970 called No. 1 (maybe only a photocopy). Then, according to Jon Berry and Hugh Brodie, another run starts with # 1 dated May/1972. I lack # 1-2 and # 3-4 are dated July-August/1972. This run proceeds to June/1973, issue # 12. (Berry/Brodie say no more were published in this run.) Finally, Québéchecs begins again with issue # 1 dated March-April/1978 with the same cover design but a smaller format. It is now listed as a publication of FQE. It runs until changing its name to "Le Petit Roque" with issue # 11, dated May-June/1980. This again changes its name to the current "ÉCHEC +" with issue # 34.

If anyone could provide any missing issues or information on missing issues, I would appreciate an e-mail to jkm@sympatico.ca or a response here.