An interview with Anatoly Karpov, conducted by Dmitry Sokolov of the Russian magazine “Sobesednik,” talks about his meeting with Salvador Dalí at a New York restaurant in 1979...

Karpov and Dalí conversed in English. Karpov was 28 at the time; Dalí was 74.

Ironically, Dalí was an artist interested in chess and asked Karpov some technical questions on the game and Karpov was a chess player interested in art,
claiming he owned an extensive collection of Dalí 's works.

Since Gala Dalí (born Elena Dyakonova) was from Russia, Karpov said he expected Dalí to have many questions about Russia, but he didn't.

Karpov noted that Dalí was accompanied by two gorgeous women while he himself was accompanied by a KGB agent.