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  • Team tournament - workable ?

    Hi Chess players / parents / chess instructors,

    As I was thinking of the Kitchener Team tournament recently of how excited our EMC teams were playing and having fun (especially our two young teams ) , I thought of organizing a team tournament where chess academy/school will send a team or two teams to the tournament.

    Ideally, the team tournament will comprise of boards of 4 to 6 players and each team can have an instructor as the team leader ( board 1 ) . The teams should be from a academy or school and should be wearing the team uniform.the team can also be from a school (not chess school ) but not group of individuals. Preference is about having juniors playing in this team tournament.

    I have spoke to a academy and they are very supportive of joining this tournament. Teams from Seneca Hills/CCYC/EMC and many others are encourage to participate.

    I always believe team tournament will help to create bond among the team mates and create fighting spirit among them.

    Is this team tournament workable ?

    We would like to hear from you :

    You can post here or email to me at for feedbacks

    Cheers for Chess in Canada

    Gary Hua