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    Originally posted by Sam Sharpe View Post
    It all depends what you are looking for. McDonald's "Ruy Lopez" is a solid choice, and I have heard good things about Hunt's "Chess Strategy" from a few folks. In addition to the Lopez book, I also have the KIA and Caro-Kann in the Move-by-Move series.
    Thank you, Sam!


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      Has anyone finished the Woodpecker Method? Care to share how long you spent?

      So far I've finding the woodpecker spirit is not required. There are a lot of easier questions thrown in randomly, and haven't felt "stuck" yet.


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        Learning to mate with B+N is not that hard and can provide you with a win instead of a draw if you ever run into it. I have had to show that I know this mate twice.

        Lichess has a half-decent page on it here: https://lichess.org/practice/checkma...lXnmM/D23EYigW
        and I use this page every week or so for practice: https://www.chessvideos.tv/endgame-t...-checkmate.php
        I have nothing important to say.


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          STATUS UPDATE:

          No concrete progress, really. Have been doing tactics puzzles regularly, but not playing regularly at all. Most of my chess time goes with Raunak, who can now beat me, unless I play very carefully. He used to blunder a lot, but now that has reduced quite a bit.

          Hope to start playing atleast a few correspondence games over the next few weeks, and put up a decent fight with my son. Next update: June end.

          P.S : Meant to post this at March end, but forgot.


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            I am surprised nobody questioned you sign-off quote about the pawns and king going into the same box. You say is of Irish origin. I always thought it was Italian.


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              I've seen it attributed to many nationalities, Mario, including Italian.

              EDIT: I've updated it to be more in line with reality. :)
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              I have nothing important to say.


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                STATUS UPDATE:

                Haven't started playing online myself ; play OTB occasionally with my son.

                Have been practising puzzles regularly on lichess though ; I now have a puzzle rating of 2108.


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                  I admire you for being honest and staying with the project.