COCC Playing Venue -- Magnificent!

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  • COCC Playing Venue -- Magnificent!

    I don't think Fischer would have approved, but it is a great venue for spectators. We were allowed into the various playing rooms and able/permitted to walk between all the boards watching the games. There were 4 top boards at the front that no one went near, leastways not near enough to stand and watch although there were no barriers to keep us away. Maybe there had been some announcement at the beginning. Two of those games were being shown on the large screen. Quiet was the order of the day and all seemed to respect the privacy of the players. It reminds me of events I played in 45 years ago. (OUCH!)

    I was late getting there because there was some sort of a street festival going on and many streets were closed. The hotel I am at is right on the edge of the festival.

    There was a chess game being played on the street with one of those HUGE chess sets as I approached the playing venue.

    There is a separate analyzing/playing room away from the tournament games.

    The round was not completed when I left.

    The best part of the day was the smile when a very young player set a trap and his opponent missed it and he could mate in three! I just happened by when it occurred!