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    Hello there, as you probably know, November is also known as Movember, where the "Mo" stands for moustache. I've been doing this for a few years now, and these last couple of years, I've also done 50km (walk in 2020, walk-run the first weekend of November 2021). It's tough for me to do, but November is also Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month, and that disease took my little sister in 2017, after a ferocious battle, which I need to honour.

    Please find below the text of an email that I've sent to some people, and the link to my Movember "space", where you could easily donate directly.
    With deep thanks, Aris.

    Hi everyone, it's time for my 2021 annual fundraising, thanks in advance for whatever you can do!
    I'm re-growing my ridiculous annual moustache, and I'm doing a 50K walk-run!!
    [edit: it took over 9 hours, and I only ran about a third of it, walking the rest, but loI did it]

    It's that time of year again, to grow an old broom on my face! So I'm donating the first $200 to start us off! Also, on Sunday, November 7th, I'm walking 28.9km, then running 21.1km (half-marathon), for a total of 50km! Let's GO!!
    Please consider that worldwide now, every minute, a man is taking his life. Hurts us all. So thank you deeply for whatever you can contribute, "signed" Aris & Nelson (moustache's name this year, guess the pop culture reference!)

    Movember 2021 -- Let's GO!!