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  • canadian open hamilton

    hello everyone ... planning on playing in the canadian open, can i buy cfc membership at the tourney site ?

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    Raymond, I see your membership is good until the end of the year, so you are good to go.

    But to answer the question in general,

    If you are registering for CYCC and/or Canadian Open, best to do it today to take advantage of early bird pricing.
    Go ahead and register first, then renew your membership second.

    You can expect some reminders that your membership needs renewing,
    we will be encouraging everyone to do that via our new online membership system.

    But if you do procrastinate and arrive onsite with an expired membership,
    I will be there to help you with that.


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      thanks bob

      It was actualy for my son whose cfc membership has expired

      He is having trouble with the online registration

      He has contacted cfc to sort it out

      We are both registered for canadian open

      So im hopefull it will be sorted before the tourney

      Thanks again bob


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        Is this tournament FIDE rated?


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          Yes, the event is FIDE rated.

          The website is here