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  • Great job Cecil!


    • Originally posted by Cecil Rosner View Post
      FYI, I have written a profile of Isai Scheinberg on the Ricochet website. It includes details of his legal problems in the US, an interview with the CEO of where Scheinberg was an investor, and interesting information from court documents. You can read it here:
      The best part of this piece is this:

      "In advance of sentencing, Scheinberg and his lawyers amassed a huge number of testimonials from people praising him and vouching for his integrity. That included everyone from family members and friends, former employees, retired Israeli generals, a former president of Tel Aviv University, an Italian gaming regulator, chess grandmasters, and a variety of recipients of his philanthropy. Dick Gephardt, who lobbied for him over the years, said: “I cannot think of anyone I worked with who would exceed Mr. Scheinberg in integrity, ethical behaviour, moral character and generosity.”"


      • What a year Vaishali has had! I also noticed the comment that she is India's 84th GM. Will next year see 100 GM's for India?