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    Post 206 Shirov-Bachmann, 2020 Key move 1.Bf6!

    Post 207 Andrzej Sypulski, June 19, 2024 Key move 1. either knight to f5.

    Post 208 Chess Informer 1.Bf8+, Ke5 2.Qe7 mate.

    Post 209 Chess Informer 1.Ne3+, Kd4 2.Ne6 mate.

    Post 210 Chess Puzzle Group Key move 1.Kh4


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      Post 211 Basic Training Key move 1.Qd5

      Post 212 Basic Training Black mate in three. 1....Nc2+ 2.Kb1, Nd4+ 3.Ka1, Nxb3 mate.

      Post 213 Basic Training Key move 1.g6

      Post 214 Basic Training Key move 1.Qd1

      Post 215 Basic Training Key move 1.Ba1


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        Post 216 Basic Training 1.Bxf7+, Rxf7 2.Ra8+, Nb8 3.Rxb8+, Be8 4.Rxe8+, Rf8 5.Rxfg mate.

        Post 217 Basic Training Key move 1.Qf6

        Post 218 Basic Training 1.Qg5+, hxg5 2.Rh8 mate.

        Post 219 Basic Training Key move 1.Nh2

        Post 220. Basic Training 1.Kc8, d6 2.Bd7 mate.


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          Post 221 Key move 1.Bb2

          Post 222. 1.Qxh6+, gxh6 2.Bf6 mate

          Post 223 1.Rf7+, Nxf7 2.Ng6 mate

          Post 224 1...Ra8+ 2.Bxa8, Nc8 mate

          Post 225 Key move 1.Qd5


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            Post 226 Key move 1.Rb4, g3 forced 2.Kf5 mate.

            Post 227 Key move 1.Rc1, bxc1 =Q or R or B 2.Kb3+ and next move mate. or 1...bxc1=N 2. K moves opening bishop check and mate.

            Post 228 Key move 1.Qc6

            Post 229 Key move 1.a3

            Post 230 Key move 1.Rd6


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              Post 231 1.a8=N, c2 2.Nb6, cxb6 3.c7 mate.

              Post 232 1...Qxa3+ 2.bxa3, Ra1 mate. or 2.Kxa3, Ra1 mate.

              Post 233 key move 1.Nc5, Bxc5 2.Qe5 mate or 1...Nxf4 2.Qg1 mate or 1...Bxf4 2. Qxc3 mate or 1...Kxf4 2.Qg3 mate.

              Post 234 key move 1.Qf6, if 1...Rd8+, 2.Qxd8 mate or 1...gxf6 2.Rxg8 mate or 1...any other rook move 2.Qxg7 mate or 1...hxg6 2.Qh4 mate or 1...h6 or 1...h5 2.Rh6 mate.

              Post 235 1.f4+, Nxf4 2.Re4+, Bxe4 3.d4 mate.


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                Post 236 Key move 1.Rb7

                Post 237 Key move 1.Nf5 - checkmating square Ne7, if 1...Kxf5 2.Qf6 checkmate or if 1...Bc5 2.Qg4 mate or if 1...Bg5 2.Qh7 mate ( also theme of remove the defender and blocking an escape square)

                Post 238 Checkmating square f5 so Key Move 1.Rxf4.

                Post 239. Key move 1.Qh1.

                Post 240 Key move 1.Nf5.
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