Chess Teachers beware of this scam....

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  • Chess Teachers beware of this scam....

    Just last week i received an e-mail from someone who wanted me to teach his son 20 lessons then changed it to 40 lessons.He would be driven to my place of choice.He said they were from Australia. A cheque would be given to me which was in excess of my fee and the balance given back to them via my cheque.They were other details and of course I smelled a rat! When I insisted cash transactions only and personal meetings they vanished.Beware.

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    Re: Chess Teachers beware of this scam....

    On a separate matter, I received an email asking me for all kinds of information about rates, areas of expertise, etc. I assumed that was some kind of phishing/scam thing.


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      Re: Chess Teachers beware of this scam....

      I have deleted e-mail,but I believe sender's name was Lawrence.


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        Cheque Cashing Scams Are Many.............

        I get some SPAM e-mail that asks me to be an agent to cash cheques in Canada or the USA because the person asking cannot do so, usually due to being in some country where they can't.

        They tell you to keep 10% or something and remit the balance to them.

        The cheques are bad, but excellent copies of real cheques from real companies. I think a company has 30 days to catch a bad cheque. So, you think you can just wait 8-10 days and the cash is yours. Then you remit the 90%! Easy cash, eh?

        Then the cheques start to bounce much later than you think, but your good cheques have been cashed.

        I stand to be corrected on this scam. Anyone?


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          Re: Chess Teachers beware of this scam....

          Well, there is the Advance-fee fraud, for example. I know it as the Nigerian Bank scam.
          Dogs will bark, but the caravan of chess moves on.


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            Re: Chess Teachers beware of this scam....

            Being a Realtor & Professional Chess Teacher/Trainer I continually receive up to 7 scams/day.But the one I refer to is the first I received as a chess Teacher. Most are Nigerian based.I delete them all asap but the Chess teaching one was creative.....