Very strange --Please read my story.

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  • Very strange --Please read my story.

    Please read my story. It is interesting!
    Posted by Artem Samsonkin on August 1, 2008, 19:10:15

    My mother had a hard time finding a job because of the lack of Canadian experience and poor English. 4 month ago she was interviewed by the company where these requirements were not paid much attention to. Efforts, dedication and motivation are the key notions for that company. My mother has a University degree in accounting and she decided to join this company as the company’s field is financial industry.
    As I am interested in finances too, she surprised me saying that she is learning there about uncommon different financial solutions, such as paying mortgage two times faster, or deductible, tax reduce, or how we can start saving our money without impacting our life style. So, at first, I just wanted to check if it was true. Another reason was that everything sounded too good to be true. So I wanted to make sure that I will be able to persuade her to stop work in this company in case it’s one of those scam companies which we talk about every day.
    Having investigated the Company’s activities for two months, I am 100% sure that scam is not involved at all and it’s a great company which is already dominating the whole financial industry in the World. I am very excited and my potential there is bigger than in chess! (I am an IM and started playing chess since I was 9, my CFC rating presently is 2482) I would like to share my reasons why I like this company so much and why I am saying so.

    1. The first thing is a great financial education. The information I get there is certainly above average and I have doubt that I will be taught about some of this financial information in college or university.

    2. What attracted me also was that all the people I’ve met there are always happy and positive which is not a really common thing nowadays when most people work for paycheck. Majority of people in this company have a different background by the way and they enjoy this job.

    3. I am a boss myself and I can control my time.

    4. There are a lot of people in the Company who are rich because they are financially educated. Every time I come to the office, my manager, who is a successful person in this business, shakes my hand and is ready to spend his time with me to teach me finances. He never shows his superiority. And what I know for sure is that if I want to become rich I have to hang out with people who already became successful and know how to become rich.

    5. This company is backed up by Aegon Company which has been in financial industry for 180 years with the Net Asset of $439 billion. Everybody who knows what the net asset is will understand that it’s really a lot of money and there must be a reason for that.

    6. This company does not sell products. It’s a distributing company. As the Company utilizes powerful financial strategies, it is considered to be the best client for any Bank or for any financial company, creating products.
    7. There is no glass ceiling and the result is based on how much effort I put.
    8. Another thing is a passive income opportunity.

    The most impressive thing is that it costs only $125 for the life membership to be able to attend lectures and business events, and nobody ever asked me for more money. Scam companies always suck money off you promising that you will get more in future. Also all scam companies are pyramid structured, but as I mentioned before, there is no glass ceiling and it’s a team business. That’s what makes the difference.

    Basically, I just wanted to share this information with everybody and if anyone is curious you are welcome to try this wonderful opportunity. If you are not completely locked up at work or looking for a great opportunity it is definitely a place for you!
    You can attend the presentation of the company and set up an appointment with one of the leaders of this company for free financial consultation. I will appreciate if anybody responded to this story and if interested feel free to contact me for more details at my cell
    (416) 841-3096.
    Thank you.

    It's very altruistic of you to share the wealth instead of hoarding
    it all to yourself. If I had a sure thing I wouldn't be pulling in others
    for a lousy $125, they would cut into my profit making ability.

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    Re: Very strange --Please read my story.

    Do I hear "Multi-level marketing"? Pyramid scams?

    Does this type of post belong on this board? Sounds very similar to the email I get daily in my "junk" mailbox.


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      Not so strange - I think I will close this thread.

      I agree with Hugh here. Despite the accompanying useful critical remarks by Graham Price, this is still just spam or advertising for a service that, in any case, really has nothing to do with chess. And that violates the General Guidelines that we've set up here at Chesstalk.

      So I'm going to close this thread.

      Edited to add: Google Aegon financial scam.
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