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  • Moving time in Toronto

    Well I hate moving, but we really had no choice. Our new location has many advantages over the old one however.

    Our last day of business at 1683 Bayview Ave will be Saturday June 21, 2008.We will be closed at both locations on Sunday June 22 and Monday June 23, 2008. We will reopen for business on Tuesday June 24th, 2008 at 701 Mt. Pleasant Rd (South of Eglinton). Our telephone and fax number remain the same. Tel: (416) 486-3395 Fax: (416) 486-4637.

    See you all on Mt. Pleasant!

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    Re: Moving time in Toronto

    Will you change work hours for your shop in Toronto?


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      Re: Moving time in Toronto

      Larry, the new location link gives the date of moving as of July 1st. You might want to update it.



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        Re: Moving time in Toronto


        The shop hours reflect the street. In otherwords, if most shops close at 6 pm then we will close at 6 pm...Mt Pleasant and Bayview have very similar hours of operation so I don't expect us to be changing our hours...but to be honest...I haven't looked at what others on Mt. Pleasant are doing.


        Thanks! I will get that done today or tomorrow.