Trump: Set to declare 2024 presidential bid tonight; will indictments follow soon?

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  • Trump: Set to declare 2024 presidential bid tonight; will indictments follow soon?

    Former President Donald Trump is set to declare his presidential candidacy for 2024, at his Palm Beach estate, at 9 p.m. tonight. He will then attempt to bully potential Republican rivals (Mike Pence, Ron Desantis, Glenn Youngkin, Liz Chaney, Josh Hawley, Nikki Hayley, and others) into NOT mounting competing bids, whether Republican or independent.

    The next and bigger question: Will Trump be indicted in the near future? I believe the answer to this is 'YES'. He will become the first former U.S. president to face one or more criminal indictments. And I think we will see some Trump indictments unfold before the end of 2022, with more in 2023.

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    I hope you are right, Frank. It seems that strong cases are being built with respect to:

    1. election interference in Georgia;
    2. illegal removal of presidential documents;
    3. tax fraud on the part of the Trump Organization; and
    4. perhaps about Trump's role personally in his businesses.

    It appears that personally profiting from the position of President is an issue no one wants to touch......

    Trump is running again to try and win the race for four more years of legal immunity should he be able to grasp the golden ring...........

    ~ Bob A (T-S/P)


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      Trump's "operation warp speed" was the greatest medical catastrophe in the history of humanity. He was taken to the cleaners by Dr. Fauci. He has no chance of winning the primaries. as the GOP prefers Governor Ron Desantis, who just won the governorship race in Florida by a convincing 20-point margin. Ron Desantis appointed Dr. Ladapo as the Florida surgeon general, who is one of the few health officials in the world that follows data and true medical science.
      Meanwhile, Trump extolls the virtues of his failed vaccine program. So Trump's fate is irrelevant as he has zero chance of being the presidential candidate in 2024.


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        Did anyone notice anything special about Trump's Presidential campaign announcement tonight?


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          Responding to Bob A's post:
          Bob has correctly identified four significant legal peril situations currently faced by Donald Trump.
          There is also a case against him, building from the January 6 Committee, potentially to be referred to the Department of Justice, before the end of the current Congressional term. This could be a sedition indictment.

          Also, I secured an advance copy of Mike Pence's new memoir -- 'So Help Me God' -- published yesterday, from a friend who is an editor with the publisher, Simon & Schuster, in New York, and am about halfway through it. Mr. Pence, with his writing (his first ever significant published work, at 500+ pages; it could have been trimmed to 250 without losing much), is ponderous in style, is aiming to tread very carefully (so as to not offend any potential future supporters), and quite evidently has substantial further political ambitions of his own. Much of the work strains common sense credulity, in my opinion. He leaves many major questions unanswered or unclear. He is a mainline conservative Republican, with a strong Christian faith-based approach to life and politics.

          Responding to Sid B's post:
          In a sensible world, Sid is of course completely correct. But Mr. Trump's style, going back into his pre-political life, is to create chaos and division, so he can exploit the resultant dynamics. I believe it is too soon, at this moment, to write him off as a possible presidential nominee and candidate. We are not in a sensible world right now, and may not be for another decade or more, if ever again. Politics south of the border is set to get a whole lot uglier, if that is even possible.
          One enormous question: Could the U.S. Justice system COMPEL a former president to testify before a Congressional committee (in this case, the January 6 Committee), regarding his actions while president? This is untested waters, according to the New York Times, Nov. 15, 2022. The Jan. 6 Committee leadership is considering its next move, following Mr. Trump's refusal to appear before it under subpoena, or to turn over subpoena'd documents. A 'Contempt of Congress citation' is possible.
          A article a few weeks back postulated a 'RICO' approach to dealing with Mr. Trump. 'RICO' is an acronym for 'Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations', the laws created around 1970 to deal with Organized Crime. The Canadian legal system has a similar law: 'Criminal Organization'.
          I have also thought about the possibility of a military style 'court martial' process against Mr. Trump, for his former role as 'Commander in Chief', with respect to January 6. Haven't seen that one written about just yet!
          In effect, Mr. Trump is taking on the entire Justice system of the United States of America. Las Vegas is no longer taking bets on Mr. Trump emerging unscathed!


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            Originally posted by Neil Frarey View Post
            Did anyone notice anything special about Trump's Presidential campaign announcement tonight?
            No one???

            Well, in case you all don't know ... Trump does not like Obama ... all that much. So far from what I've seen to underscore his dislike Trump has taken a few bites out of Obama's legacy! Some subtle some not so much, ha!

            The first bite ... Trump was on about Obama's birther issue!

            The second bite ... Melania Trump plagiarized some Michelle Obama's speech!

            The third bite ... Trump gave his presidential nomination campaign speech on the Nov. 15th, he stood behind his lectern which had on its front a placard. The typography on that placard, announcing Trump's presidential nomination campaign, was rendered in Gotham typeface!!! The very font made famous by Obama! Obama used that typeface throughout his presidential campaign. And also used as part of that the now famous Obama HOPE poster.

            I can't believe you sleepwalk through all this stuff, ha!

            Last edited by Neil Frarey; Thursday, 17th November, 2022, 06:22 PM.


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              I didn't watch the announcement event. Nothing Neil states in his post strikes me as special.
              Trump may take some time to realize that stuff he said years ago isn't relevant to as many people now. Most Americans want to move forward and deal with today's problems, not the grievance politics Trump specializes in. That said, he did attract more votes than any losing American presidential candidate in history in 2020, so can't be entirely dismissed for 2024.


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                Grievance Politics 101 ...

                Click image for larger version  Name:	grievancepolitics_101.gif Views:	0 Size:	447.6 KB ID:	222993

                Trump is the Grandmaster of manipulation ... Trump / DeSantis ticket 2024.


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                  Nancy Pelosi, pictured above with the then-president Donald Trump during the 2019-2020 Congress, tearing up her copy of his State of the Union address, has announced she will not seek a leadership position for the Democrats in the upcoming new 2023-24 Congress.
                  And Donald's elder daughter Ivanka announced she will not take part in her father's campaign. She might be too busy being investigated!!
                  And Donald's younger daughter Tiffany just got married, at Mar-a-Lago.
                  And President Joe Biden's granddaughter Naomi (Hunter's daughter) got married yesterday at the White House; her grandfather turns 80 today.

                  One reason why Trump could win the presidency again in 2024 is extreme weakness of potential Democratic contenders. I believe Biden is the only Democrat who could defeat Trump, and it is by no means a sure thing.


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                    My biggest fear is that various Republican Primary Candidates are going to dig in their heels, and try to win, rather than the anti-Trump faction coalescing behind a single common candidate.

                    Polls show Desantis, Florida Governor, defeating Trump in a head-to-head battle.

                    But, under the Republican Presidential Primaries, there is no run-off of the top two after a first ballot. A "plurality" can win. Trump could squeak up the middle and grab the golden ring! Trump has a "hard-core" group of supporters that are a minority, but also a substantial minority.........can they carry their "Prophet" through to victory?

                    ~ Bob A (T-S/P)


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                      If you're one of those who believe COVID-19 vaccines are a good thing, which helped saved billions ... not millions ... billions of lives then you can directly credit Donald J. Trump's presidency for all of that goodness!

                      President Trump's creation of Operation Warp Speed did just that, ha!


                      So all of that mRNA tech coursing through your veins right now ... you can personally thank Donald J. Trump.

                      "No doubt, Operation Warp Speed is a huge success," said Tinglong Dai, associate professor of Operations Management and Business Analytics at Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School in Baltimore.

                      "You can like or hate the Trump administration, but no doubt, it's a huge success — unprecedented success."
                      Um, add to that Nobel Prize worthy achievement ...

                      Trump's booming Economy, no major War(s), secure Borders, etcetera.

                      Actually, a list of significant successes in just 4our years.

                      All whilst playing a ton of golf, ha!

                      So ya, let there challengers ... including Biden.


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                        A number of major media outlets have been carrying coverage that indictment (s) of former U.S. President Donald Trump may be imminent.

                        As to which one of some two dozen possible major cases may be first, that is a guess for those more informed than I am. Many think it will be the election coverup affair bribery case from 2016, involving Trump's liaison with adult film star Stormy Daniels, for which former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen has already pled guilty to, served prison time for, and been disbarred as a lawyer. Cohen paid hush money in six figures to Daniels, on Trump's order, just before the 2016 election, for which he was later reimbursed, with a bonus. That is also a state crime, as opposed to a federal crime, so it COULD NOT BE PARDONED AWAY later for Trump by a possible future president, since the presidential pardon privilege covers only federal crimes.


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                          The site is reporting today that Trump says he expects to be arrested and indicted as soon as Tuesday, March 21, three days away. He is calling for nationwide protests against this. Security arrangements are apparently in preparation with prosecutors and law enforcement personnel in both New York State and Florida. If it happens, it would be an all-time first; no American president has ever been indicted and / or arrested before. Look for the National Guard to be placed on high alert throughout the U.S., in the days leading up to an indictment.

                          My opinion is that the more Trump makes preparations to seek the Republican nomination for 2024, the further the indictments will proceed. That is, more indictments, across a wider range of charges, across a greater range of legal authorities (federal and state), as more witnesses continue talking to prosecutors, across the avalanche of investigations in progress. If he backs off on running again, there may be a slight or significant easement.

                          And I also believe that several would-be challengers to the Republican nomination are awaiting Trump-related legal developments, in preparation for announcing their own bids, within the next few weeks. These include big names such as Mike Pence, Mike Pompeo, and especially Ron DeSantis. It is going to get ultra-crazy again down South, quite soon!


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                            Imagine of all the war crimes committed by probably all US Presidents and this is the thing that gets one indicted. Laughable.
                            "Tom is a well known racist, and like most of them he won't admit it, possibly even to himself." - Ed Seedhouse, October 4, 2020.


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                              Originally posted by Tom O'Donnell View Post
                              Imagine of all the war crimes committed by probably all US Presidents and this is the thing that gets one indicted. Laughable.
                              How many of those presidents paid off a porn star?
                              "We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office." - Aesop
                              "Only the dead have seen the end of war." - Plato
                              "If once a man indulges himself in murder, very soon he comes to think little of robbing; and from robbing he comes next to drinking and Sabbath-breaking, and from that to incivility and procrastination." - Thomas De Quincey