Trump: Set to declare 2024 presidential bid tonight; will indictments follow soon?

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  • Originally posted by Neil Frarey View Post

    Sen. John McCain ...

    No tax increase on income!
    No same-sex marriage!

    ... yep, decent man!
    Wait .... isn't Trump pro-life? And aren't you a Trump supporter?

    I don't know what you mean by "no tax increase on income".

    No same-sex marriage ... well, no politician is perfect. But that issue is minor compared to others. Same sex is not the norm, so you want to be not the norm, there's a price to pay until we become more enlightened, and that day could still be coming.


    • Originally posted by Pargat Perrer View Post

      I don't know what you mean by "no tax increase on income".
      To balance a budget.

      Also, he voted in favor of lowering taxes to promote economic growth! I personally think that folks such Bezos et al., should not have to pay any tax at all!
      And, McCain believed that federal spending is not the way to promote economic growth.

      Compare that to Biden ... who's trying to buy as many votes as possible, ha!

      ...hold all members to the standard that John McCain upheld.
      I thought Trump's comments about McCain as a prisoner of war were irrelevant as to the character of the man.


      • Donald Trump 'State of Play', as of May 27, 2023:

        1) Improperly held National Security-related documents case, from Mar-A-Lago: Federal: Looks worse for Trump than originally believed, due to statements made by members of his team which have now been shown as lies;
        2) Georgia-based electoral interference on 2020 presidential election: Georgia state prosecutor says that if charges are coming, they could arrive by early July, 2023;
        3) Case of Washington Capitol Riot of Jan. 6 2021: Federal: Nothing announced specific to Trump as of yet, but jail sentences continue to be levied on riot participants; now several hundred;
        4) New York City / Manhattan prosecutor, on mistresses / election cover-ups: Trial date set for April 2024, a year after indictments, for over 30 felony charges;
        5) New York State prosecutor's $250 million lawsuit over corrupt business practices: investigation continues, case has no trial date announced as of yet.

        Ron DeSantis, Governor of Florida, is gearing up to battle Trump for the MAGA portion of the Republican vote. This will get exceptionally nasty, but Trump has made a lot of enemies.


        • Thanks for the clear summation, Frank.

          Bob A


          • Great to see the Durham Report fully validate The Donald ... expose your Democrat's lust for power ... at the same time, ha!