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    Just saw a CBC documentary on Buffy St. Marie, Canadian folk singer / songwriter.

    Interesting facts: she was the first woman to breastfeed (for real) on TV.

    The TV show she breastfed her son on: Sesame Street

    Big Bird: "That's a strange way to feed a baby."

    Buffy explains that many women feed their babies this way.

    By the end of the clip, Big Bird says he finds it lovely ... I think that's the word that was used.

    Have to say, after seeing this I'm a big Buffy St. Marie fan.

    Documentary is called "Buffy St. Marie: Carry It On"


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      Doesn't get better than that !!!


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        Originally posted by Brad Thomson View Post

        I believe you are referring to drummer Mitch Mitchell's guitar player. (John Bonham? Neil Peart? Who are they?)

        Fire - YouTube
        HAh! Bonham. I saw zep in Vancouver, on the Physical Graffiti tour. Ticket price was $7.50 incl. Bonham did an epic version of Moby Dick while the boys went back stage for a nap. I remember vividly the newspaper review the next day. Page's solos were "long and pointless", and then "Bonham! He of the lead foot and twenty minute barehanded drum solo! Sheer boredom refined to torture!" I of course was outraged! My dad just laughed. That was probably around the time I said that Robert Plant was a better singer than Jussi Bjorling.


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          John Bonham couldn't hold a candle to Garry Peterson. The drum solo on American Woman from the 72 album Live at the Paramount is as good as it gets. The song starts at the 40 minute mark.



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            Fred, I agree with you about Bonham, and Peterson. I love the Guess Who live album you mention. Bonham is good of course, but very overrated in my view. He is heavy handed, sluggish and monotonous. He plays dead centre in the middle of the beat, never up front or laying back depending upon what the music calls for. And I do not like the tone of his kit. I never liked Page much either, but I do think that Robert Plant borders on genius. I love Led Zep's first two albums, and like the next three a lot. After that they tend to lose me. My favourite rock drummer by far is Mitch Mitchell. I also find the fusion drummer, Billy Cobham, to be astonishing.
            (2) Quadrant 4 - YouTube


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              Interesting fact about Peterson that I learned only a couple of years ago, is that he was the only drummer to ever play with the guess who, from beginning to end, so he predates Cummings by a couple of years.

              I give you some of my favorite guitar solos, mostly classic rock and blues, more or less in order...

              1. Black Sabbath - Wheels of Confusion/The straightener, from Black Sabbath Vol VI, featuring an epic solo by Tony Iommi at the end.

              2. Jethro Tull - Aqualung, featuring Martin Barre. After a few decades of loving it, I was pleased to learn that it was highly rated by industry publications.

              3. Rory Gallagher - Million Miles Away, from the Irish Tour Album. for the tone.

              4. Jeff Beck Group - Going Down

              5. Boz Scaggs - Loan me a Dime, featuring Duane Allman

              6. Derek and the Dominos - Layla, with that beautiful slide work at the end, again by Duane Allman.

              7. Muddy Waters - Sad, Sad Day, featuring Johnny Winters on the 2nd solo. Blistering.

              8. Roy Buchanan - Hey Joe. love the way he ends the song too, finishing it off Hendrix stlye just for laughs.

              9. Neil Young - Down by the River

              10. Cream - Crossroads, featuring Eric Clapton
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                Depeche Mode - A Pain That I'm Use To


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                  Originally posted by Brad Thomson View Post
                  That is how I remember the show. I have never suspected foul play in his death, but maybe there was. I doubt it was political, like John Lennon must have been, but maybe some bad cops took care of him?
                  Not so much "foul play". There is only a sketchy police report. Nothing else. His family and friends and associates say no, not possible that it was suicide. But he was a known heavy drinker, If it isn't suicide, then my guess is the cops just neglected him, he died from choking on his own vomit, a la Keith Moon, and the cops just wrote up a bogus police report to take the heat off of themselves and their dereliction of duty that resulted in his death. It is not clear to me that there is any proof that he was found hanging, other than that written police report. Ah well.


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                    Bestest guitar solo of ALL times ...

                    ... by far!!!


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                      Originally posted by Neil Frarey View Post
                      Bestest guitar solo of ALL times ...

                      ... by far!!!
                      Keith Richards? Ron Wood? How would you compare either of them to Mick Taylor?


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                        Originally posted by Brad Thomson View Post
                        If You Could Read My Mind - As much as any other, the song that got me into music when it came out on the radio. But My favorite Lightfoot song of all is Restless, which opens the album "Waiting for You", which was released in 1993, after a six year hiatus. It's a great album. Great writing, though his voice has thinned considerably and the picture shows he has aged considerably.



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                          Originally posted by Fred Henderson View Post

                          Keith Richards? Ron Wood? How would you compare either of them to Mick Taylor?
                          Equal !!! Each with their own voice !!!

                          Ronnie Wood playing lead with the Faces ... pure rhythmical soul.

                          Keith Richards playing lead with the Rolling Stones ... pure sloppy muscle soul ... flex on a single note !!!

                          Mick Taylor playing lead with the Rolling Stones ... pure technical soul ... Mozart esques !!!

                          Aged ... still vital ... together on the same stage ...

                          R.I.P. Charlie Watts

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                            Good score on the video! I will bookmark for later.

                            It's all a matter of opinion of course, but I respectfully submit that when it comes to guitar solos, neither Richards or Wood were in the same league as Taylor. I give you two songs as "evidence"

                            Sway, from Sticky Fingers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIlVba5jtQE

                            Can't You hear me knocking, from Exile on Main Street https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gz5mI6tqm_Q