Joueur d'échecs canadien de l'année 2017

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  • Joueur d'échecs canadien de l'année 2017

    Voici les 10 joueurs nominés pour le Joueur d'échecs canadien de l'année 2017. Comme d'habitude, vos avis et commentaires sont les bienvenus. Nous dévoilerons les 3 finalistes dans environ une semaine.

    Olivier-Kenta Chiku-Ratte
    =4th Pan-Am Youth U18 Champ.
    =2nd NA Youth U18 Champ.
    =5th Calgary Int.
    =4th St Denis Int. Chess Festival (QC)
    1st Granby Open (QC)
    1st Laval Open
    1st CMA Futurity #1
    =1st Sherbrooke Open
    =1st Clash of Generations

    Svitlana Demchenko
    =5th World Youth GU14 Champ.
    4th Canadian Wom. Closed RR
    1st Kingston Open
    =1st RA December Open
    2nd National Capital Open
    =5th SPF Girls Inv.
    =2nd Arnprior Open
    =3rd Smith Falls Open

    Aman Hambleton
    =1st Canadian Open
    =6th Canadian Closed
    Isle of Man Int. (2590) - 5/9
    =3rd CCCSA GM Norm RR (2450)
    Sunway Sitges Int. (2450) - 6/9
    Reykjavik Open (2440) - 7/10
    Biel Masters Open (2460) - 5.5/9
    =6th Stockholm Chess Challenge (2410)
    London Chess Classic Open (2410) - 6.5/9
    Grenke Open (2450) - 6/9
    Riga Tech Univ. Open (2430) - 6/9
    =3rd Wisconsin Int. Chess Fest (2270)
    =1st Aurora Fall Open

    Anton Kovalyov
    Lost 3rd Round World Cup (Forfeit)
    Tie 9th Americas Continental (2470)
    =8th UT Dallas Fall Open (2450)
    Linares Open (2470) - 4/7

    Alex Lesiege
    =2nd Quebec Open
    =1st Montreal Open
    =1st Quebec Carnaval Open

    Nikolay Noritsyn
    =1st Canadian Closed
    =1st Aurora Fall Open
    =2nd Toronto Open
    2nd Hart House Reading Week Open

    Malli-Jade Ouellet
    1st Canadian Wom. Closed RR
    Francophonie Champ. (2240) - 5/8
    =5th PanAm Youth GU18 Champ.

    Razvan Preotu
    =1st Canadian Open
    =3rd Calgary Int.
    =6th Southwest Open (2470)
    =2nd Guelph Spring Pro-Am

    Bator Sambuev
    1st Canadian Closed
    Lost 1st Rd (TB) World Cup
    =2nd Quebec Open
    1st Ontario Open
    =2nd Calgary Int.
    =2nd St Denis Int. Chess Festival (QC)
    =1st Quebec Carnaval Open
    =1st Varennes Open (QC)
    1st RA March Open
    1st National Capital Open
    =2nd Guelph Spring Pro-Am
    3rd Clash of Generations (QC)
    Capablanca Memorial Open (CUB) (2410) - 5/9

    Michael Song
    1st Pan-Am Youth U18 Champ.
    =4th Washington Int. Open (2460)
    2nd Ontario Open
    1st Guelph Spring Pro-Am (ON)

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    Le vote est lancé et les 3 finalistes pour 2017 sont les grands maîtres Aman Hambleton, Nikolay Noritsyn et Bator Sambuev. Nous dévoilerons le gagnant dans quelques jours. Les commentaires sont les bienvenus.


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      Le vote est lancé et le joueur canadien de l'année 2017 est GM Bator Sambuev.

      1. Sambuev - 50
      2. Noritsyn - 24
      3. Hambleton - 23
      4. Kovalyov - 18
      5. Chiku-Ratte - 10
      6. Preotu - 2
      =7. Demchenko - 1
      =7. Ouellet - 1
      =7. Song - 1