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  1. Tai Teen Teen - Nếu nhÆ° các bạn đã từng chÆ¡i Gunny , Gunny Bound thì không thể nÃ*o bỏ qua game cá»±c hay nÃ*y của VTC . Nếu nhÆ° các phiên bản Gunny , Gunbound đang lÃ*m mÆ°a lÃ*m gió trên các dòng máy tÃ*nh , Webgame thì Teen Teen sẽ trở thÃ*nh phiên bản Gunny 2 trên di động với cách chÆ¡i , hệ thống nhiệm vụ rất đa dạng vÃ* phong phú .
  2. Veuillez noter de mon désire que la Marque déposé "TRIAD-CHESS" ne devra jamais apparaitre sur votre forum.

    Veuillez à présent supprimer mon compte.


  3. j'ai cherché en vain à avoir un admin avant... je ne post jamais à la sauvage
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    À quand la sortie du livre de Silman's 4e Édition en français?

    Merci Larry

    Michel Barré
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    I am concerned that posters on ChessTalk are directing people to look at a blog that is inappropriate, offensive and illegal. The KS blog is not for children.

    However, chess IS for children and they are on this website and the CFC website looking.

    Did you know...


    A person commits the luring offence if they use a computer system (e-mail, chat, IRC, IM) to communicate:

    With someone they believe to be under 18 years of age to facilitate committing an offence of sexual exploitation, incest, making child pornography, possess child pornography, distributing child pornography, access child pornography, procuring, prostitution of person under 18, sexual assault, sexual assault with weapon, or aggravated sexual assault with respect to that person;
    With someone they believe to be under 16 years of age to facilitate committing an offence of sexual interference, invitation to sexual touching, bestiality in the presence of or by a child, indecent act - exposure or abduction of a person under 16 with respect to that person; or
    With someone they believe to be under 14 years of age to facilitate committing an offence of abduction of a person under 14 with respect to that person.

    Luring carries a maximum penalty of 10 years incarceration.

    Let's get your site back to talking about chess and not offensive pics depicting hatred and sexism towards others.

    Thanks Larry!
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    Info-Montréal vend ses systèmes trop chers. Compares les listes de prix avec ordi en gros de Longueuil. Exemple : processeur intel i7 920 . 400$ info-mtl, 325$ ordi en gros.

    Pour le même prix, tu auras un ordi plus performant chez ordi en gros de Longueuil. Et crois-moi, le service après-vente est fameux.
  7. Hello Mr.Bevand,

    I have been warned by Mr.Hanrahan to dial down my criticism as of late.No direct personal attack, that is without factual premise, can be construed as malicious.This is not my intent. My intent is to wake up certain individuals that post unoriginally and w/o thought or care of others;ie. that may not want to be associated with the current CFC.For months I have been to the boiling point with a few: look at the predictable trash Gary Ruben throws at me when he doesn't get his way. I am a recent joinee, and have just begun posting messages, as I have internet at home and work now.It seems CFC governors cannot debate rationally here; and treat your site as their vetting grounds. I think you go unappreciated. I anxiously await any uncomfortable decision, if necessary, re. my ability to post here ( in a quieter tone, of course).CFC Governor Ken Craft, or possibly one of his cohorts, may be able to manipulate their own or others posts, it seems, possibly through an internal clock change.I have stated that only you or Mr.Hanrahan can do this, for example, in the case of profanity, for example. David McTavish
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    Is David McTavish going to be allowed to continue to personally insult other posters on Chesstalk?
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    Bonjour Larry

    est ce possible que mon message (championnat par classes 2009) reste en haut de la page jusquau 11 octobre) Merci .
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    Hello Larry, Your are welcomed to post/forward/share this email I received from Yasser Seirawan. Best Wishes, Edward Labate

    Dear Edward,

    No. I do not believe that RJF was the author of “My 61 Memorable Games.”

    My reasons are several-fold. When I met RJF in 1992 during the Sveti Stephan match I got the distinct impression that RJF built walls around himself. That is he was very distrustful of others. He most definitely feared that folks would take advantage of his fame and status. We spoke about his project to write a book about how the K-K matches were all fixed. That every move of every game was scripted in advance. Of course RJF explained that he would have to be author and publisher as well. In short, he certainly would not hand over his manuscript to others.

    Secondly, over the past few years, RJF has explained about his disenchantment with chess and he wanted to promote Fischer Random only. A work that did not promote his variant would be at odds with his stated goal of advancing Fischer Random.

    Lastly, if there was a standard publisher/author agreement, the publisher would have come forth and trumpeted the fact that such an agreement was signed, that monies had been advanced, that checks had been cashed and so forth. Such facts are missing in this case.


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