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Hi All,

As far as I know , the followings are the tournaments where norms may be available in Canada and USA ( 9 rounds )

1. Philadelphia Open ( USA ) - end March

2. Chicago Open ( USA ) - end May

3. Philadelphia International ( USA ) - end June

4. World Open ( USA ) - early July

5. Canadian Open ( Canada ) - after CYCC which is normally 2nd week of July

6. Washington International ( USA ) - mid August

7. North American Open ( USA ) - end December

Edmonton International by Invitational ? Is this every year ?

Are there any other norms tournament available in Canada and USA ? Is CFC going to organize any norm tournaments in the near future or is there any available funds from FIDE for organizers to run norm tournaments ?

Please share information on the above if you have any which is not listed.


Gary Hua
Edmonton International will have its 13th edition this year. Details should be available soon. Calgary International is going to have its 11th edition and its August 14-19. More details will also be available soon.