For youngsters who do not have any other rating (FQE, CFC, FIDE, USCF), the CCA will use CMA ratings according to the following grid:

CMA 1440-1499= USCF 1550
CMA 1380-1439= USCF 1500
CMA 1320-1379= USCF 1450
CMA 1260-1319= USCF 1400
CMA 1200-1259= USCF 1350
CMA 1140-1199= USCF 1300
CMA 1080-1139= USCF 1250
CMA 1020-1079= USCF 1200
CMA 960-1019= USCF 1150
CMA 900-959= USCF 1100
CMA LESS THAN 900= Add 200 points to their CMA rating

This formula will be used this weekend at the N.Y. State Chess Championship in Saratoga, NY. The Chess'n Math Association has rented a bus and we are sending 54 youngsters to the event! We are also sending 5 coaches as well as our Montreal Scholastic Coordinator, Virginie Roux.

The competition is tough! Last year we did not score as well as in previous years. When we first started sending players here, total participation in the Championship was around 300...this year over 1600 players are expected to take part.

Ottawa IA, Aris Marghetis, will be one of the arbiters.

The Chess'n Math Association is proud to help sponsor this unique event!