I am posting this as a public service, to inform Canadian chess people of a most unfortunate situation. This is NOT a tournament promotion post.

As it currently stands, the dates for the 2018 Ontario High School Chess Championship (OHSCC) and the 2018 Ontario Youth Chess Championship (OYCC) are in conflict.

Both events are scheduled for the second week in May. The OHSCC is planned for Toronto, while the OYCC is planned for the Kitchener area. There is a one-day overlap.

Both the OHSCC and the OYCC have the Ontario Chess Association as sponsors and partners, for their respective events.

The OHSCC set its event dates in November, 2017, some four months ago, and informed chess organizations around the province. There was no disagreement. Its organizing group booked the hall, and set up a plan for player accomodation at that time, for out-of-town players. According to information given to me in recent days, the organizer for the 2018 OYCC, IA Patrick McDonald, recently set his dates, in full knowledge of the OHSCC plans, as being the only ones possible where he could obtain the hall to hold his event. (Could other halls, and thence other dates, have been considered? One would think so.) Apparently the OCA has signed off on the conflict, to the detriment of both events.

I need to declare that I have been associated with the OHSCC event for the past several years, including 2011, 2012, 2014, 2016, and 2017. I will be a member of the tournament directing staff for the OHSCC for 2018.

I served as Deputy Arbiter for the very successful 2013 Canadian Youth Chess Championship (CYCC) in Ottawa.

Respectfully submitted,
Frank Dixon, NTD