Great Chess Quotes

April 11, 2018

The first title match between Garry Kasparov and Anatoly Karpov, in 1985, stretched to 46 games and nearly five months play.

From the obituary of Florencio Campomanes, former FIDE President, in the New York Times, May 2010:

"Both men were clearly worn. Mr. Karpov, a man of small stature to begin with, had lost more than 20 pounds from the pressure and strain of the match. He starting playing listlessly and making mistakes, losing the 47th and 48th games. The match had seemed to reach a turning point.

That was when Mr. Campomanes stepped in. At a raucous news conference in February 1985, he halted the match, saying that both men's health was deteriorating and that the match was unwinnable. Though Mr. Karpov protested, saying he wanted to continue, and Mr. Kasparov began shouting that he did, too, Mr. Campomanes would not change his mind."

From The Chess Mind, the blog of Dennis Monokroussos



"The 100-game superfinal between Stockfish and Houdini has been a tale of three matches. In the first "match", Stockfish won three games and drew 17. In the next Stockfish steamrolled Houdini by an 11-4 margin, losing one game but winning eight. And then it slowed down: there were six draws, then two more Stockfish wins, and since then there have been 16 draws in a row. If this keeps up, Florencio Campomanes will be called in on a mission of mercy to stop the match, with a shorter match scheduled in about six months."