Raletich-Mosher, Winnipeg, 1958?

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  • Raletich-Mosher, Winnipeg, 1958?

    My database shows this miniature:

    [Event "CAN-op"]
    [Site "Winnipeg CAN"]
    [Date "1958.??.??"]
    [Round "?"]
    [White "Raletich, George"]
    [Black "Mosher"]
    [Result "0-1"]
    [ECO "A51"]
    [PlyCount "22"]
    [EventDate "1958.??.??"]
    [EventType "swiss"]
    [EventRounds "10"]
    [EventCountry "CAN"]

    1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 e5 3. d5 Bc5 4. h3 Bxf2+ 5. Kxf2 Ne4+ 6. Kf3 Qh4 7. Nc3 Qg3+ 8.
    Kxe4 f5+ 9. Kxf5 d6+ 10. Ke4 Bf5+ 11. Kxf5 Qg6# 0-1

    However - the Montreal "Gazette" chess column of August 23, 1958 shows the same game (and same players) as being from the Edmonton Championship, 1952. The 1958 Canadian Open started on August 23, so there is no way the game could have been published the same day (in those days!). I'm also suspecting that "Mosher" was actually Leo Moser. In addition, the crosstable of the Open shows neither player took part.

    Does anyone have any details? Otherwise, I will assume it's from 1952.