2023 Canadian Chess Hall of Fame Inductee

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  • 2023 Canadian Chess Hall of Fame Inductee

    The Canadian Chess Hall of Fame Committee is pleased to announce that the sole inductee for 2023 is the late Kalev Pugi (1925-1984). Our plan is to have the award ceremony during the Canadian Closed over the Easter weekend at Hart House in Toronto, to a family member.

    Some of his chess exploits include: Authored a report on the Modernization of the CFC and saw it through to fruition, by acting as CFC President 1973-1976. Became a patron of the CFC with the initial seed money for the Pugi Fund, which typically provides grants to 2 or 3 promising juniors, every year. Organized both a Canadian Open and a Canadian Closed. Chess teacher. Born in Estonia, he was a Chemical Engineer with Dupont Canada.

    Living in the Maritimes, I never met Kalev, but I invite other “oldtimers” to share any memories.

    The independent HoF Committee consists of Larry Bevand, Hugh Brodie, Ian Findlay, Fred McKim, and Stephen Wright. CMA provides a plaque to the inductee or the family.

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    A wonderful nomination, thank you to the committee.


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      We are working on an induction ceremony within a couple of months. It should be posted here soon. Stay tuned.


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        The induction ceremony for Kalev Pugi will take place on Monday, April 1st at 4:40 pm, before the 9th round of the Canadian Zonal, in the Great Hall of Hart House.