Any IM norms scored in 2024 Canadian Zonal?

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  • Any IM norms scored in 2024 Canadian Zonal?

    It looks like Anthony Atanasov earned one. Any others?

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    Originally posted by Hans Jung View Post
    It looks like Anthony Atanasov earned one. Any others?
    No IM norms. Anthony doesn't need one, he already has enough norms and waiting for FIDE Congress with his title.

    2 players scored 6.5 / 10 and will get FM title soon - Sergey Noritsyn and Adam Dorrance. Many players get CM title with at least 5 / 10.


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      Will have a review of the files and post the direct titles later today. But Victor is right, on the bigger titles. No norms; 2 FMs in Open, lots of CMs / WCMs


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        Good to see Sergei Noritsyn get FM title. Also Adam Dorrance, In my opinion long overdue. Congratulations to both.


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          My understanding of the regulations, for titles, we've got:


          Open Zonal:

          FIDE Master

          Adam Dorrance
          Sergey Noritsyn

          Candidate Master

          Dzmitry Kalinin
          Joshua Terry
          Emanuel Kot
          Daniel Abrahams

          It appears as though Ethan Song & Vincent Latorre are already listed as CM on FIDE, though on chess-results were not, maybe an April update (?).
          Samuel Zhang, despite having finished with 6.0/10, will not get a CM title since he did not play 9 games.

          All players listed above will have the minimum 2000 FIDE rating to get the direct title. Some of them already could have claimed it after crossing 2200 (irrespective of this event), and Dzmitry Kalinin, the only person without a published 2000, will cross that mark during the next update.


          Women Zonal:

          Woman FIDE Master
          Yilin Li - expected to cross the minimum 1900 FIDE to be awarded the title

          Woman Candidate Master

          Kate Jiang
          Carina D'Souza
          Michelle Zhang
          Glenda Baylon
          Valerie Ruchinskaya
          - - - - - - - - -
          Gauri Sreekumar
          Gillian Xi-Lin Mok
          Anais Chloe Fiset
          Alexa Roque
          Adie Todd
          Irene Xie
          Alison Emily Koop
          Joyce Zhang
          Roshini P.
          Rae Chen
          Ojal Ambilwade
          Emma Norovsambuu
          Olya Kaye
          Isabelle Guan

          Where the women above the dashed line have attained a minimum of 1800 FIDE rating, and should receive their WCM title promptly, and the players below the dashed line are currently rated below 1800 and still must cross that mark, before receiving the WCM title.


          Alex Ferreira
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            A plethora of women's titles - great to see.

            Congratulations to Joshua Terry. He's now a titled player with Fide. Its great to be rewarded.