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    Carlos Santana - Samba Pa Ti, House of Blues Las Vegas, 2016. Carlos shows the old magic, 45+ years after the fact. Wonderful.


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      Originally posted by Pargat Perrer View Post
      Just saw a CBC documentary on Buffy St. Marie, Canadian folk singer / songwriter.

      Interesting facts: she was the first woman to breastfeed (for real) on TV.

      The TV show she breastfed her son on: Sesame Street

      Big Bird: "That's a strange way to feed a baby."

      Buffy explains that many women feed their babies this way.

      By the end of the clip, Big Bird says he finds it lovely ... I think that's the word that was used.

      Have to say, after seeing this I'm a big Buffy St. Marie fan.

      Documentary is called "Buffy St. Marie: Carry It On"
      Good call. I'll look for it. Marie's version of Joni Mitchell's "Circle Game" is one of my earliest musical memories. Speaking of Joni Mitchell, here's an awesome video, Joni Mitchell, 90 minutes Intimate and Interactive on Much Music. Click "watch omn YouTube

      edit: oooh. this is 1994, Joni breaks the law and chain smokes in Much Music studio.
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        Originally posted by Fred Henderson View Post
        My favorite music video. The Pretenders, with special guest on guitar, play the 2005 Rock and Roll Hall of fame induction ceremony.



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          When it comes to guitar, I am hard pressed to imagine a better performance than this. John McLaughlin - Paco de Lucia, Frevo Rasgado, from the Friday Night in San Fransisco performance.


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            different versions of the patsy cline classic Sweet Dreams

            The Original, 1963

            Roy Buchanan - Live from Austin, Texas, 1976

            Willie Nelson and \Faron Young - 1985


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              greetings. I leave you with one of my favorite albums since the '80s

              John Fahey - God, Time, and Causality. Fahey was a unique and very versatile solo acoustic guitarist, with dozens of album. I actually had tickets to see him, but the show was cancelled and I found out later that he had died on the operating table while undergoing quadruple bypass. R.I.P.


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                Merry Christmas ...

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                  H.Purcell - Ground in c minor. Vadym Kholodenko

                  For those unaware a 'Ground' or 'Ground Bass' or 'Basso Ostinato' is a specific type of ostinato in which a bass line repeats throughout a work or section.



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                      Ain't it nice when a previously unlistened to artist and song that is older than you are jumps to the top of your playlist.

                      A simple English folk ballad with a wonderful story and a John Prine like melody, and some top-notch solo acoustic guitar fingerpicking Doc Watson - Matty Groves

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