On an earlier thread, from a few days ago, two Appeals Committee rulings from Riyadh were presented and discussed, and in one of the posts, there is a link to a column on the changes in the Rules of Chess, coming into effect Jan. 1, 2018. Apparently, the Rules are revised every four years. The two appeals were quite amusing to read, actually.

I am wondering if the CFC followed through with FIDE, and submitted for consideration, my suggestion for resolving the very bad situation from the 2017 Canadian Zonal. To review, in the playoff for that event, at blitz time controls, GM Bator Sambuev hid in his own hand the captured queen of opponent IM Nikolay Noritsyn, as both players were preparing to promote pawns in the endgame. When IM Noritsyn went to promote, all that was available to him was a rook, which he attempted to turn upside down to use as a Queen, without success (that rule has been changed), and he lost the game, along with the Canadian title, a place on the Olympiad team for 2018, a place in the 2017 World Cup, and significant prize money. The episode received intensive debate on this site a few months ago.

I suggested, in a post on this site, that a player's captured pieces, once captured, should not be touched by an opponent, and indeed there is no reason for either player to touch his opponent's captured pieces, according to the Rules of Chess. If implemented, that change definitely would prevent a repetition of this notorious episode.

So, did the CFC follow up on this? There would have been plenty of time to do so.

Frank Dixon
NTD, Kingston