Hamilton Club Championship 2013

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  • Hamilton Club Championship 2013

    Annual Meeting - This Friday, Sep 6

    Meeting Begins 8:00pm

    On Friday September 6th we will have our annual meeting. You can bring up any issues you like and vote for the club executive. Please email us at chesshamilton@gmail.com if you want to mention an issue to be discussed in detail.

    Hamilton Club Championship - Friday Sep 13

    Registration 7:00pm
    Tournament begins 7:30pm or asap.

    On Friday September 13th we begin our Club Championship. This is an 8 round series (1 game per week) with an entry fee of 15 dollars. Just be aware of one thing: Since this event begins on Friday the 13th it will be a very scary tournament!

    If you have any questions about our club feel free to email us at chesshamilton@gmail.com. You can visit our website at:

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    Re: Hamilton Club Championship 2013

    Tournament Details:
    The Event will take place at:
    Emmanuel United Church
    871 Upper Ottawa
    Please park on the gravel parking lot

    Google map link of our chess club's location:

    Registration at 7:00 pm
    Games begin at 7:30 pm

    This tournament will have 8 games. One game per week
    Round 1 – Friday September 13
    Round 2 – Friday September 20
    Round 3 – Friday September 27
    Round 4 – Friday October 4
    Round 5 – Friday October 11
    Round 6 – Friday October 18
    Round 7 – Friday October 25
    Round 8 – Friday November 1

    Please come to our club at 7:00 pm any of the weeks to register

    Fees and Memberships:
    Tournament Entry Fee $15.00
    Club Membership Weekly $3.00
    Club Membership Yearly $50.00
    Juniors and ladies $30.00
    Family $60.00
    CFC memberships $48.00


    For all questions and concerns please don't hesitate to email us at

    And don't forget to visit our website at
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      Re: Hamilton Club Championship 2013

      At our annual meeting we have agreed to pay the rating fees for members for the next two tournaments. That means the entire entry fee for the club championship will go to the prize fund, and, the following tournament will have free entry. (Our five round events have an optional prize fund.)

      If we think our club's numbers are high enough, we will have free entry for more tournaments following these two.

      Our clubs membership fees are: 3 dollars per week or 50 dollars per year or 25 dollars a year plus 1 dollar per week. Juniors, students and ladies pay 30 dollars per year. Family membership are 60 dollars per year.

      If you have any questions about this new policy please email us at chesshamilton@gmail.com
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