Battle of Toronto II - One More FIDE-Rated Player Needed

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  • Battle of Toronto II - One More FIDE-Rated Player Needed

    CCCS did have a full 8 player compliment for the Battle of Toronto II, and was ready to proceed.

    But unfortunately, one of our younger registrants, in consultation with his mother, decided that the round was going to be ending too late for him, given school the next morning, and as well he would be playing in a club tournament on a different night at the same time. So he has now withdrawn.

    This opens up one more place in the FIDE-rated pool. We now have 3 FIDE-rated players, but to have the tournament FIDE-rated, we must have 4 FIDE-rated players. So if you are FIDE-rated, and would like to win some Elo points to up your FIDE rating, come out and join the 7 of us. See the pre-registered list in the flyer below.

    And although we do have 4 non-FIDE-rated players (it will be an 8-player round robin), all entries at this point (except 2) are "conditional". We will still accept new non-FIDE-rated conditional registrations 'til the close of registration, which is 6:00 PM on Wednesday, Sept. 11 (2 days away). Should we have more than 4 in this pool at that time, then we will choose the four players who best help the tournament achieve its goal, and who make the tournament most competitive.




    - an 8-player FIDE Rating Round Robin Chess Tournament
    - organizer: Canadian Chess Consulting Service ( CCCS ) ( Bob Armstrong )
    - arbiter: Alex Ferreira – FIDE Licensed

    Goal: to allow non-FIDE rated players an opportunity to get started on the path to getting a published FIDE rating or to get needed FIDE-rated games before time expires; for FIDE-rated players, an opportunity to play for Elo points; for both, 3 modest cash prizes ( will also be CFC-rated ).

    Day/Dates: Mondays –
    - October 7 (the 14th – no game; Thanksgiving Holiday); 21, 28.
    - November 4, 11, 18, 25;
    – Make-Up Dates: December 2, 9.

    Prize Fund (modest – keeping registration fee low): 1st - $ 100 ( + trophy/plaque ); 2nd - $ 70; 3rd - $ 50.

    Registration Deadline: Wednesday, Sept. 11 @ 6:00 PM ( registration closes)

    Registration Fee: $ 75 ( payable by Wednesday, Sept. 11 – have to register with FIDE at least 2 weeks in advance –refunds to Friday, September 13 )


    Prize Fund + Trophy $ 30
    Annex Site/Equipment Fee $ 25
    FIDE/CFC Rating Fees ( + tax ) $ 13
    Arbiter $ 7
    Tournament organizer ( TO ) $ 0

    Annex Chess Club Member Registration Fee Discount: we are able to offer a $ 10 discount to all ACC members who register, thanks to a subsidy from Annex CC, who will charge us only $ 15 site/equipment fee for their own members.

    Registration: contact

    Canadian Chess Consulting Service ( CCCS ) –; or
    Bob Armstrong –

    Location: Annex CC, 918 Bathurst St. ( north of the Bathurst Subway Station )

    Round Time: 7:30 p.m.

    Time Control: Game/90 + 30 sec

    Pre-Registered Players:

    FIDE-rated Players:

    Daniel Abrahams - FIDE 2009; CFC - 2092
    Miroslav Stefanovic - FIDE 1853; CFC – 1953
    Bob Armstrong – FIDE 1581; CFC – 1556

    ( we need, according to FIDE regulations, for the tournament to be FIDE-rated, one more FIDE-rated player (need 4 in the pool) before registration closes @ 6:00 PM on Wednesday, Sept. 11 )

    Non-FIDE-rated Players:

    Justin D'Souza - CFC - 1584
    Marcus Wilker – CFC - 1577 (FIDE - unrated but has part-result)
    Nicholas Vettese - CFC – 1457
    Hoyin Yong – CFC – 1325

    ( we have the 4 needed, but more can still put their names into this pool before registration closes @ 6:00 PM on Wednesday, Sept. 11 )

    – will be a “pool system”; conditional entry – where more than 4 in a pool, acceptance as will help tournament achieve its goal, and make tournament most competitive (3 with priority entry) – will be done at the close of registrations

    ( Last rating updates re pre-regs: FIDE – 13/9/1; CFC - 13/9/4 )


    Canadian Chess Consulting Service – subsidizing TO fee ( $ 100 )
    Annex Chess Club – site/equipment fee subsidy ( approx $ 100, dependent on entries )
    Alex Ferreira – subsidizing Arbiter fee ( $ 84 )

    Bob Armstrong, Tournament Organizer for Canadian Chess Consulting Service (CCCS)

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    Re: Battle of Toronto II - One More FIDE-Rated Player Needed

    Registration was to close tonight, Wed. Sept. 11 @ 6:00 PM. We still were short the critical 8th player, who had to have a FIDE rating.

    However, there is still one possibility we might make it. So registration is now extended for one more day, to 11:59 PM, tomorrow, Thurs., Sept. 12.

    So if you have reconsidered, and would now like to play, you still have a last chance to register and get into the FIDE-rated "pool".

    There will be no more extensions. We must register the tournament with FIDE, if it is going ahead, at least two weeks before the start of the first round. So this is it!

    Bob A, Organizer for Canadian Chess Consulting Service (CCCS)


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      Re: Battle of Toronto II - Cancelled

      Unfortunately, Canadian Chess Consulting Service (CCCS) was unable to find the critical 8th player for the proposed FIDE Rating round robin (who had to be FIDE-rated).

      The tournament has therefore had to be cancelled.

      Thanks to those who had registered, and shown an interest. Good luck in your future chess adventures.

      Bob Armstrong, Organizer for CCCS