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  • Updating OCA website

    In June I became the OCA Secretary. As there were no one in the previous year term, I would not fill big shoes :) Ilia Bluvshtein, the current OCA president, and I agreed that the main task will be to revive the association's website. (Ilia is on the bigger project - to restructure the OCA but that the theme for future)

    After several hiccups, the website ( http://www.chessontario.com ) got a new platform based on Wordpress. The main page will feature news. You'll can find the Events list ( www.chessontario.com/index.php/events/ ) too, it might be looked as a Calendar ( http://www.chessontario.com/index.php/events/month/ ) . The Calendar items can be imported into Google calendar. If anybody wishes that their weekend Opens would be added let me know.

    Later other Categories fill be filled like previous Ontario (youth, senior, team) Champions, other legal stuff, and will be glamorized with pictures :)
    If you wish to donate 18,000 CAD to the OCA, contact the Treasurer.

    If you like it say 'YEAH' LOL

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    Re: Updating OCA website

    YEAH YEAH YEAH. Nice work Egidijus. I realize it is an ongoing work of art.
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