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  • 15% draw rate!

    I don't know what the record might be for the lowest draw rate in a major tournament might be, but I would have to think that the 15% draw rate (3 draws and 17 decisive results) at the current Russian Championship Superfinal Women 2014 must be in record low territory.


    Wikipedia's 'List of world records in chess' lists the highest draw rate (93.3% at the 1999 Petrosian Memorial - 42 draws and just 3 decisive games) but doesn't seem to proffer the corresponding lowest draw rate.

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    Re: 15% draw rate!

    Nary a draw today (4 Black wins and 1 White win) so make that a 12% draw rate! And the surprise leader is the 16-year-old Alexsandra Goryachkina!
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      Re: 15% draw rate!

      One R6 draw today, between the now co-leader 16-year-old Alexsandra Goyachkina and Natalija Pogonina, so the draw rate stands at 4/30 or 13.33%. Current standings, with 3 rounds to go, are:

      Alexsandra Goyachkina 4.5
      Alisa Galliamova 4.5
      Olga Girya 4
      Valentina Gunina 4
      Ekaterina Kovalevskaya 3.5
      Alexandra Kosteniuk 3
      Alina Kashlinskaya 2.5
      Natalija Pogonina 2
      Anastasia Bodnaruk 1
      Oksana Gritsayeva 1


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        Re: 15% draw rate!

        I guess it should come as no surprise that the lowest draw odds in the Superfinal Women, 31/20, are a good deal higher than the highest draw odds in the Superfinal Men, 9/10 (naturally, the Morozevich - Vitiugov game). The Svidler - Jackovenko draw odds of 13/25 seem generous enough given the empirical evidence, 15 draws in 19 classical encounters (with Peter having a 3 to 1 advantage in the 4 decisive games).



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          Re: 15% draw rate!

          Three draws in R7 bumped the draw rate to 20% and that's where it stayed the final 2 rounds with single draws in R8 & R9. The final tally was 9 draws and 36 decisive results. Once again, I'm not sure if this is a record number but it's certainly an impressive one (:

          Speaking of impressive numbers, I had to smile Friday hearing a 5-year-old student of mine use the words googol and googolplex. I did get a blank look though when I countered, "Not satisfied with an Eddington, eh?" (: