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    A strong tournament took place in Munich in September, 1941. Canadian-to-be Geza Fuster (representing Hungary) got a respectable score of 6.5/15 - drawing with both Alekhine and Bogoljubow. The surprise winner was Stoltz (Sweden) - finishing 1.5 points ahead of Alekhine (they drew, and he lost to Bogo). All the games are available online.

    The players seemed to be only from occupied countries - plus two from neutral Sweden and one from neutral Switzerland.

    Was there a tournament book on this event? It would be interesting to read about the organization of such an event during wartime, and the experiences (if available) of the Swedes and Swiss travelling to/from the event. Were there risks of bombings to Munich at this point during the war? Possibilities of air-raid sirens disturbing the games?

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    Re: Munich 1941

    Originally posted by Hugh Brodie View Post

    The players seemed to be only from occupied countries - plus two from neutral Sweden and one from neutral Switzerland.
    Do you really believe those nations were neutral?
    Gary Ruben
    CC - IA and SIM


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      Re: Munich 1941

      Munich 1941

      As far as I know, there were two tournament books published on Munich 1941. Copies can be found in Cleveland’s John G. White Collection and in the Niemeijer Collection at the Royal Library in the Hague.

      From Dr. Niemeijer’s Catalogue:

      5626 1941 Munich. A. Becker. Torneo internactional de Munich 1941. Buenos Aires 1946. [Grabo, 201 pages]

      5627 1941 Munich. K. Richer. Europa-Schachturnier Munchen 1941. Berlin 1942 [W. de Gruyter & Co, 140 pages]

      Edward Winter quotes an interview (1941) with Alekhine, in Spain, on the way to Munich:

      Dr Alekhine is only passing through Madrid. On Saturday he will catch an aeroplane for Germany; in Munich he will participate in a 16-player tournament.

      Do you intend to play in Spain?

      – “Certainly. Of course for now, during my three-day stay before I go on to Germany, not too much can be done. But tomorrow and Friday, at the Casino de Madrid, two displays have been arranged for me; one with clocks against ten players, and one simultaneous exhibition against 30. Later, when I return from Munich, which is my plan, I wish and expect to play in a tournament with young Spanish players.”

      What are your immediate plans?

      – “After playing in Munich I shall go to Paris to fetch my wife and my six cats (Dr Alekhine has a particular liking for these pets) and bring them with me to Spain, where it is very possible I shall live for some time. And then ... we shall see. It is necessary to give things time and await events, for they usually determine the direction we will follow.”

      The whole interview can be found at: