U.K. Court: Bridge Is Not A Sport

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  • U.K. Court: Bridge Is Not A Sport

    A correct decision, imo. http://www.ctvnews.ca/mobile/lifesty...ules-1.2610703
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    Re: U.K. Court: Bridge Is Not A Sport

    I am sad because of this decision. Fortunately, the court did not say that bridge is nor a sport.

    Originally posted by high court decision
    Judge Ian Dove said in his ruling that he had not been tasked with answering the "broad, somewhat philosophical question" of whether bridge is a sport but simply whether Sport England had committed any legal errors in reaching its conclusion.
    If ABC non profit Inc. decides to give no money to bridge, it does not break the law. Everybody knows that. This judgement is not very useful and is very damaging to our cause. Chess is a full medal sport in African Games and in Asiatic Games but has no standing in Commonwealth Games. This judgement indirectly approves this exclusion.