CFC Executive Blows It....Again ( Grassroots Campaign )

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    Re: CFC Executive Blows It....Again ( Grassroots Campaign )

    Originally posted by Gary Ruben View Post
    You have to take into consideration that Ontario has a 7 dollar per year provincial fee added. The membership here is only 43 dollars per year. In B.C., the provincial fee is a staggering 12 dollar per year so your membership is 48 dollars per year. The CFC membership without provincial fees is only 36 dollars a year. Not what I would consider a deterrent.

    If you didn't have to pay any provincial fee, only the 36 dollar CFC fee, would you still feel the same way about joining to play?
    At $36 I would not have joined. If I only wanted to play in 1 or 2 tournaments a year I definately would not join. In my first tournament (Langley Labour day open 2006) the ONLY reason I decided to pay the $48 is because of the magazine. If I was given no option, I would have just said 'forget it'. Even with the first year at a discount, I wouldn't have bothered, because in the second year there would be absolutely NO way that I would pay full price.

    I play in probably 4-5 tournaments per year at the moment, but I am still considering whether its worth the money to play in these tournaments as a CFC membership without the magazine. I can alway play in my local club once a week and play online during the week. If the tournament membership is eliminated, some of the guys that I play against (who only play in their local tournaments) will not play. With a decreased amount of people playing it definately would not be worth it for me to join the CFC. I only see the elimination of the tournament membership as a way to decrease people playing in CFC events.

    Its not that I am just being cheap... I just don't see alot of value for the money in joining the CFC again.