What is happening with Chessdom?

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  • What is happening with Chessdom?

    Does anyone know why the Chessdom news site (www.chessdom.com) has not been updated since October 23? On that date the lead story was the rest day at the Russian Superfinal. Strange...

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    Re: What is happening with Chessdom?

    What is happening with Chessdom?

    October 31, 2016

    Dan, my initial speculation was that chessdom, which is Bulgaria-based, had either lost funding from the Bulgarian Chess Federation or was in financial trouble through being sued by Agon.

    On further investigation however, it seems that chessdom regularly reported on the financial irregularities of the BCF and so had no ties to it.

    And, Bloomberg News reported that chessdom did not broadcast the Candidates’ moves the way other sites did:

    "They are taking away something beautiful from potentially millions of people," wrote one of the more polite comments posted on the website chessdom.com, which scrapped its plans for live coverage in Moscow while vocally protesting Agon's actions. Fans on other sites are calling for a boycott of World Chess Federation events.

    “They are taking away something beautiful from potentially millions of people.”

    The websites sued by Agon, Bulgaria-based chessbomb.com and an outfit called chess24.com that operates from Germany and Gibraltar, have said they will continue offering live coverage. "Our live broadcast is perfectly legal, based on our advice from counsel," said Macauley Peterson, a spokesman for Chess24. A statement on Chessbomb's website said it is evading the ban by having volunteers submit moves anonymously via a secure server. Anyone watching the tournament on Agon's website has to sign a so-called clickwrap agreement not to share the content, but Chessbomb's statement contends that such agreements aren't legally binding in all countries.

    Agon is seeking 20 million rubles ($290,000) in damages from each of the two sites and is planning to sue at least one other site, according to spokesman Andrew Murray-Watson. The suits are being filed in Moscow's arbitration court, which has reciprocal agreements that would allow its ruling to be enforced in other countries, he said.


    I understand that the third site being sued is chessgames.com.

    All this, and no good reason why chessdom.com should not be up-to-date!


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      Re: What is happening with Chessdom?

      In a belated explanation as to why the TCEC (now under Chessdom control) superfinal is delayed, it was explained as "The delay is due to personal problems." Since the same person is running both, I can see why Chessdom has not been kept up.