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  • Mark Taimanov - RIP?

    I have seen a couple of sources mentioning the death of GM Mark Taimanov at the age of 90, such as this one. No "reliable" sources as yet, however....

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    Re: Mark Taimanov - RIP? reported that too.


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      Re: Mark Taimanov - RIP?

      Obituary in German on chessbase with pictures



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        Re: Mark Taimanov - RIP?

        The English chessbase has this now as well.

        Rest In Peace, GM Mark Taimanov.

        I've improved and updated his Wikipedia page, which had been missing his international team play results, among other details.

        He is perhaps most remembered for his drastic loss to GM Bobby Fischer by 6-0 at Vancouver 1971, first round of the Candidates matches. It turned out that GM Fischer would crush everybody he faced that year (GMs Larsen and Petrosian followed soon afterwards). But he was among the world's top players for 25 years, from the mid 1940s to the early 1970s.

        GM Taimanov was one of very few top players of the second half of the 20th century who had a highly notable career in an area away from chess; he was one of the world's top concert pianists. Other top players who were in this category include GM Dr. Mikhail Botvinnik as an electrical engineer, and GM Dr. Robert Hubner as a papyrologist. GM Dr. Ken Rogoff is far better known as a world-class economist than a strong chess player.


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          Re: Mark Taimanov - RIP?

          Mark Taimanov – RIP

          November 29, 2016

          Leonard Barden in The Guardian on Taimanov:

          Taimanov won the USSR championship in 1955, but though he could not match the world top pair, Botvinnik and Vasily Smyslov, he was content to be a valued member of the Soviet golden team that dominated the international game. He was popular, optimistic, respected and a chessboard diplomat.

          In 1954, when the Soviet team outclassed Britain 18.5-1.5 before a stunned audience at Caxton Hall, London, I was paired with Taimanov. Our first game soon reached a level position with queens exchanged, so I decided to propose a draw. Our only common language was German, so I enquired “Remis, grossmeister?” “Moment, bitte”. He went over to his hatchet-faced captain, Dmitri Postnikov, they conferred gravely, Taimanov returned to the board, and I waited expectantly for “Ja” or “Nein”. Instead he replied “Ein paar zuge”, an original and tactfully phrased put-down. The “few moves” turned out to be another 30 before I resigned.

          Selected Taimanov Books

          1. The Taimanov Bible Ivanisevic (2016)
          2. The English Attack against the Taimanov Sicilian Andnasyan (2016)
          3. The Sicilian Taimanov John Emms (2012)
          4. Šachmatnaja škola Marka Tajmanova (2008)
          5. The Soviet championships / by Bernard Cafferty and Mark Taimanov (1998)
          6. Taimanov’s Selected Games (1995)
          7. Ja byl žertvoj Fišera (1993)
          8. The Sicilian defence: Taimanov system (1989)
          9. The world chess championship, Karpov-Kasparov : Moscow 85 / Yuri Averbakh, Mark Taimanov (1986)
          10. Damenindisch bis Katalanisch / Mark Taimanow ; unter Mitarb. von Eduard Gufeld (1985)
          11. Englisch : Klassisch bis seltene Systeme 12. Königsindisch : Sämisch-System bis Vierbauernvariante / Mark Taimanow; unter Mitarbeit von Eduard Gufeld (1985)
          13. Zaščita Nimcoviča / M.E. Tajmanov (1985)
          14. Königsindisch bis Altindisch / Mark Taimanow ; unter Mitarb. von Eduard Gufeld (1984)
          15. Sicilian: Paulsen / Mark Taimanov (1984)
          16. Holländisch bis Bird-Eröffnung / Mark Taimanow ; unter Mitarbeit von Pawel Kondratjew (1983)
          17. Modernes Benoni bis Wolga-Gambit / Mark Taimanow ; unter Mitarbeit von Eduard Gufeld (1982)
          18. Damengambit bis Holländisch / Mark Taimanow ; unter Mitarbeit von Jakow Neistadt (1980)
          19. Slawisch bis Reti-Eröffnung / Mark Taimanow ; unter Mitarbeit von Pawel Kondratjew (1976)