running at SSM chess this summer

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  • running at SSM chess this summer

    Hello chess people going to SSM in the next couple of weeks:

    I have recently taken up running for health reasons, and so I'll be running most mornings while up there. Maybe "running" is too strong a word, given my age and girth lol

    Anyway, if ANYONE expresses interest in joining me, then on a nightly basis, I can post my planned starting time and distance for the next morning. Distances will range from 5km to 14km, and all of the runs will be heading east'n'south along the popular Hub Trail, and then back again (sorry, moreover downhill out, therefore uphill back).

    Finally, Mondays and Fridays will be OFF days, no running for me.

    All the best, trying-to-thin-out Aris.