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    Chess Books at Auction

    August 14, 2019

    A curious item up for auction on eBay today.

    Chess master BOBBY FISCHER probable Autograph on Card kept in 1965 Book by Brady

    Bobby Fischer to Ray (printed)

    Starting bid: US $350


    Hi - this is the first time on eBay for this item, so I'll only be considering offers at or above the opening bid price, thanks.

    (Also, if you do make an offer, please make it good for at least 48 hours, as I sometimes miss ones that are only valid for 24 hours. Thx!)

    This past weekend I bought about 2 dozen vintage books about chess at a local swap meet, and when I got them home and started going through them, I found this card inside the 1965 hardcover, "Profiles of a Prodigy: The Life and Games of Bobby Fischer" by Frank Brady.

    The card measures approx. 3 in. by 5 in.

    I have no idea if there's any connection, age-wise or otherwise, between the book and the autograph card, other than one having been the safekeeping place for the other, but I'm including the book in this lot, just in case I'm missing some connection between them.

    It seems likely to me that the signature is genuine for a few reasons:

    1 - It's singed to someone - it appears to say, "Ray"... possibly, "Kay" ... which implies that Ray (or Kay) was present when it was signed.

    2 - If someone was going to bother faking such a signature, wouldn't it have made more sense to have done it in this, or some other, book?

    3 - It compares favorably to one that's currently being offered for sale on eBay - item # 18370896708

    Condition - light edge wear; some mild yellowing mostly on the RH side of the card; the book is in pretty good condition and its dust jacket in fair condition with some short tears, some corner wear, some wrinkles and some yellowing.

    Thanks for bidding!


    I think this item is speculative at best. I would be surprised if anyone put out $350 for it.


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      Chess Books at Auction

      October 18, 2019

      Found in the “chess book” offers on eBay today:

      Avon The Rook Chess Piece Wild Country Cologne After Shave Empty Bottle

      Starting Bid: US $2.50
      Shipping to Canada: $20.51

      Avon The Rook chess piece cologne bottle. Was for Wild Country men's after shave.
      Bottle is empty, comes with original box
      Condition is used
      Will ship USPS Priority mail


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        Chess Books at Auction

        November 29, 2019

        Today, on eBay, five books on Fairy Chess which are water damaged. The last sentence has a throwaway line but is deliciously quotable. All this with a starting bid of $5:

        Five books largely about fairy chess (unorthodox chess problems) that got wet when a pipe broke in the floor above the bookcase. Well worth reading, particularly if you know German and Russian.

        Dr. Karl Fabel - Am Rande des Schachbretts (at the edge of the chessboard) - published by the chess problem magazine Der Schwalbe in 1947 - in German. How long can a chess game last? Until White's 5899th move, Kg2:Rh1. Problems in Losing Chess (give away all your pieces). Helpmates, retroanalysis, the eight-queens problem, and much much more.

        Dr. Karl Fabel and C.E. Kemp - Schach ohne Grenzen / Chess unlimited (Walter Rau Verlag, 1969) - bilingual German/English - an annotated collection of the great T.R. Dawson's fairy chess problems.

        E. Ya. Gik - Shakhmatnye dosugi: Sbornik yumoristicheskikh i zanimatel'nykh rasskazov (Шахматные досуги) (Chess leisure(?): a collection of humorous and entertaining stories) (Moscow: "Fizkultura i sport", 1979) - in Russian - fairy and non-fairy chess games and problems. For example, in the six-square triangular board in photo #6 the king is to move to a1 without passing through b2. It takes 26 moves.

        Karl Fabel - Rund um das Schachbrett: Amusantes und Interessantes vom Schach (around the chessboard: amusing and interesting chess stuff) (Berlin: Walter de Gruyter & Co., 1955) - in German - mate in 1 problems, problems with only the two kings on the board (e.g., 'White and Black each take back a move, then Black moves so that White can immediately checkmate'). And much much more.

        Karl Fabel - Kurioses Schach: Amusante stellungen - Interessantes Geschehen - Seltsame Spielregeln auf den 64 Feldern (curious chess: amusing positions, interesting happenings, strange game rules on the 64 squares) (Walter Rau Verlag, 1960) - in German - photo 10, for example, shows chess problems with lots and lots of knights or bishops, but perfectly legal positions. Also symmetrical positions, underpromotions and Babsontasks, a mate in 21 by T. R. Dawson on a pistol-shaped board (also in photo #8, from the Gik book, uncredited), 'White played and didn't win', etc., etc.

        The moose may be briefly described as a bifurcating grasshopper.